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    Open-air spraying operation is related to VOCs in a straight line

    Echemi 2019-05-15


    Knows that before May 12, the site inspection team of air pollution control and fortification work in Yibin Central District and surrounding "6+25" area found that under Tianchi Bridge (outside Bishui Long Beach Project Department), an unknown wood processing workshop and an unknown mechanical processing workshop had open-air spraying behavior, which not only failed to provide any formalities, but also the processing plant was far from Jinsha. The straight line of the river is less than 50 meters away. At present, the relevant departments have ordered them to stop production, and the undocumented processing workshop and wood processing workshop are being processed.

    Coatings online, which is located under Tianchi Bridge, an illegal mechanical spraying workshop. On May 12, the reporter went to Tianchi Bridge in the west suburb of Cuiping District to see that two unknown workshops still piled up a lot of wood and mechanical equipment, including many bare wood and dozens of small mixers, which were bright red, and were suspected to have just been sprayed with paint. At the same time, in the mechanical processing plant, the spray-painted floor has been dyed red, and the piers near the area have also been dyed red.

    In addition to the two processing workshops under the bridge, accommodation, catering, tea house, mechanical processing, wood processing and other forms of work are all under the bridge, and the paint sprayed in the open air emits a pungent smell here. There are no legal procedures for processing workshops or catering. Reporters  saw on the spot that the production equipment of the machine processing workshop had been sealed by a company of Yibin Wing Source Machinery and Equipment Management Department, and the production electricity was cut off. In the workshop, a worker who did not want to be named said that he was only responsible for the whole mechanical production, according to customer needs, can produce up to 3-5 finished products a day, then spray paint processing, usually rarely see the company's head to the scene, wage settlement is only through Wechat.

    According to the verification team of "6+25", the workshop has no formalities (industry and commerce, environmental protection), and there are open-air spraying operations (open-air spraying, that is, VOCs are not treated, straight row).

    Spraying must be carried out in the workshop with closed absorption device, and this kind of open-air spraying must not be allowed. Organic exhaust emissions are strictly prohibited. Volatile organic exhaust generated in open-air spraying will increase PM2.5 concentration in the air, cause air pollution, seriously affect the production and living environment; Volatile organic exhaust emissions are directly discharged into the atmosphere without treatment. The environment violates the relevant provisions of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People's Republic of China. Enterprises must implement environmental protection measures according to EIA, and no idle environmental protection facilities are allowed to be produced. Management should not take place of punishment, adhere to the "rectification is not in place, production is not allowed; environmental protection is not up to the standard, all shut down". On-site law enforcement officers issued a notice for the company to stop production, ordered the company to stop illegal activities immediately and rectify environmental problems quickly.

    Environmental protection departments will carry out assault checks frequently, strengthen the exposure of environmental violations and the situation of strict management under high pressure, and resolutely win the battle of pollution prevention and control.

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