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    Power Coal Upward Lack Port Runs Smoothly in Northern Shaanxi

    Echemi 2019-05-24


    The overall stability of the power coal in northern Shaanxi is weak and the coal supply in Yulin is still tight. However, due to the high cost of purchasing, traders dare not hoard large quantities of coal, and the sales are weakening. At present, the purchased customers are basically long-term stable customers. The price of coal in some large mines has been lowered by 10-15 yuan/ton due to poor delivery. The sales in Ordos region are normal, and the sales of road land are in the majority. At a high of 1.68 million tons per day, the overall price remained stable, and individual coal prices fluctuated by 5-10 yuan per ton. The downstream demand of the port market is stable.

    The downstream demand of the port market is basically stable, the downstream demand is general, the buyers and sellers are deadlocked, the transaction is not much, the mainstream quotation of the power coal (CV5500) is about 620 yuan/ton, (CV5500) the mainstream quotation is about 525-530 yuan/ton. Influenced by insufficient shipping profits, the reduction of railway freight rates in Hutie Railway Administration has not had a significant impact on TRADERS'mentality for the time being. Demand reduction offshore price slightly decreased.

    Recent international market uncertainties increased, international market participants mostly hold a wait-and-see attitude, demand weakness, Australian and Indonesian coal offshore prices slightly decreased, the current Australian coal (CV5500) FOB price is about 60 US dollars/ton, the daily-to-ring ratio is down about US$1/ton; Indonesian (CV3800) FOB price is 38-39 US dollars/ton, the daily-to-ring ratio is down 0.5 US dollars/ton left. Right. Futures price of power coal slightly dropped 0.07% to 601.8 yuan  May 16, 1909 contract closing price 601.8 yuan / ton, delivery warehouse receipt cost 622 yuan / ton, futures discount 20.2 yuan / ton, discount ratio 3.36%.

    Shipping schedule continues to release. At present, the inventory of downstream power plants is high, the motive force of replenishment demand is insufficient, and the oil price drops slightly, the support of the shipowner's bid price is insufficient, and the market is weak as a whole. However, some ports in the North appear pressure ports, and the turnover of transport capacity is slow, which supports the freight price to a certain extent. Yes, the freight rate goes down narrowly. As of May 15, the North-Jiangyin (W) freight rate of the river route was 42.5-43.5 yuan/ton, and the daily-to-ring ratio decreased by 0.5 yuan/ton; the average freight rate of Qinhuangdao-Guangzhou (5-6W) ships was 41.9 yuan/ton, and the daily-to-ring ratio decreased by 0.1 yuan/ton. As of May 16, 2019, the coal stocks of the six major power plants in the coast increased by 856,000 tons compared with the same period last week; the daily consumption was 620,000 tons, an increase of 69,000 tons compared with the same period last week; the available days were 263 days, a decrease of 17 days compared with the same period last week.

    The economy remained stable and resilient in April

    All major macroeconomic data were released in April. On May 15, Liu Aihua, a spokesman for the National Bureau of Statistics, said that the economic operation in April remained within a reasonable range, continuing the overall stable and progressive development trend. Although the import and export data are affected by the international situation and the growth rate of consumption and investment has declined to varying degrees, the employment index continues to improve, the economic restructuring and upgrading continue to advance, the real estate investment and development data still operate in relatively high intervals, and the domestic economy remains resilient.

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