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    How much coking coal has gone up?

    Echemi 2019-05-27


    This week, the coking coal market in China continued to rise steadily. From early May to mid-May, coking coal prices in Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi and other places have increased, generally in the range of 20-50 yuan/ton. After the increase, the market demand is good and shipments are not affected. This round of price increases is mainly aimed at market coal, and the price of Changxie coal is mostly stable. Most coal companies said that after the end of this round of price increases, the latter period is mainly stable. On the downstream side, coking plants in some areas of Shanxi have plans for a third round of increase. In addition, environmental protection has limited impact on the production of coking plants. Coking coal just needs to be supported under high start-up. Overall, supply and demand are slightly tightened, and coke prices will remain high in the later period. In Shanxi, the coking coal market in Shanxi continued to be stable, moderate and strong this week. Affected by the gradual fall of coke price in the second round, coupled with the tight supply of coking coal and good demand, the main coke of low sulfur in Anze area of Linfen increased 20 yuan/ton and 40 yuan/ton on May 10. The new contract of coal mine has been actually concluded, and the overall demand is good. There is basically no inventory of low sulfur concentrate in Anze area. The coal mine is ready for production and sale, and the short-term market continues to run steadily, moderately and strongly. In terms of price, the S0.5G85 of Linfen low-sulfur main coking coal has risen to 1620 yuan/ton.

    handong: This week, Shandong's clean coal market achieved a general rise. Following the 30 yuan/ton increase in the price of clean coal in Shandong Datong Coal Mine on May 14, local coal mines followed suit by a 20-30 yuan/ton increase. In addition, since May 15, Shanneng has raised the market clean coal by 30 yuan/ton, washing power and blended coal by 20 yuan/ton, and the key Changxie clean coal by 15 yuan/ton. The price increase is mainly aimed at gas and clean coal, while the price of main coking coal and 1/3 coking coal and other high-quality coal has been running steadily. After this round of general increase, market demand has not been affected for a while, and coal price is stable in the later period. On the downstream side, after the second round of coke price rises and falls to the ground, coking plants in some areas already have three rounds of increase plans. In addition, the port coke market continues to be in a high inventory state, traders actively ship, but the downstream demand is general, the quasi-first-level transaction price is around 2080.

    In other areas, following a 30 yuan/ton increase in the price of gas and clean coal in Yan'an area of Shaanxi Province in early May, the price of gas and clean coal in Yan'an area has risen by another 50 yuan/ton since May 11, a total increase of 80 yuan/ton this month. After the increase, the price of gas and clean coal G88, V39-41, A9.5, Y15 and S0.7 has reached 1020 yuan/ton, and the demand is still good. After the second round of coke price hike, the demand for coking coal in coking plants has not decreased. The mainstream coal enterprises in Hebei have good coking coal, and the coal enterprises basically have no stock. Fertilizer and concentrate A9.5-10.5, V27-30, G> 95, S0.6, Y> 30-ore tax 1550 yuan/ton, main coking coal A9.5-10, S0.6, G75-85, V23-28-ore tax 1460 yuan/ton. Considering that when the coking coal market was weak in March, the price did not fall, the mainstream coal enterprises have no plans to increase for the time being, and are mainly stable in the future.

    Overall, coking coal is strongly supported by the supply side, and coking plant starts to maintain a high level. Coking coal just needs to be supported. Under tight supply balance, coking coal will remain stable, moderate and strong, and the space below the year is limited. Supply side: Coal mine safety in the main producing area runs through the whole year, and the supply side has strong support for coking coal. In 2019, the 1000-meter rock burst coal mine in Shandong Province reduced by 20%, the output contracted obviously, and the supply side was tightened as a whole. Demand: Although the regional environmental protection has been tightening, it has limited impact on the production of coking plants. Most coking plants start to maintain a high level. They just need support for coking coal. Now coking plants have strong replenishment of coking coal and high demand enthusiasm. In terms of price, it is expected that the price of gas and clean coal in Shandong will be 1130 yuan/ton next week, the price of main coking coal in Handan area of Hebei Province will be stabilized at about 1480 yuan/ton, and the price of low sulfur main coking coal in Luliang area of Shanxi Province will be stabilized at about 1660 yuan/ton.

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