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    Coal prices fluctuate frequently with narrow fluctuations

    Echemi 2019-05-22


    In March of this year, the actual transaction price of power coal in the 5500 cards market around Bohai Port remained fluctuated between 617-643 yuan/ton; in April, the actual transaction price of power coal in the 5500 cards market around Bohai Port remained fluctuated between 619-634 yuan/ton. Although the green area is higher than the national requirement, it is still below the trader's break-even point, and the coal price is in a state of low market value. In May, 1-7, the port coal price maintained a slight increase in inertia; from 8, with the weakening of coal demand, the port market coal trading prices began to decline; from 13, coal prices again showed a slight rise. In recent months, the fluctuation frequency of coal price is relatively high, but the increase and decrease are not large, basically showing W-shaped fluctuation, and the price is relatively stable.

    Looking back on March, when the coal market changed from the Spring Festival period, the demand for coal was flat, the stock of ports was high and the price of coal was low. Due to the resumption of downstream industrial enterprises, the recovery of daily consumption of power plants and the increase of railway supply, the coastal coal market shows a trend of double-high supply and demand. In March, cement, chemical and building materials industries in eastern China and the lower reaches of the Yangtze River started to increase, driving the demand for high-quality low-sulfur coal. The tender sentiment of high-quality coal cargo owners is warming up, and some customers cover up the tender price, and the quotation has changed from index fluctuation to upward fluctuation. In March, the market price of coal maintained a high level. Since April, under the influence of many factors such as environmental protection, safety supervision and management and control of coal management tickets, the Da-Qin line has been centralized repaired in spring, the coal transportation has been hindered, the output of coal mines has been difficult to release, the price of pithead coal has maintained a rising trend, and the price of power coal in the port has been supported. Indonesia is about to enter Ramadan due to the high logistics costs and transportation costs, and the long customs clearance time of Australian coal. In addition, the rising international shipping costs have led to an increase in CIF prices. The quantity of imported coal in China's coastal areas has continued to decline, and the quantity of domestic coal purchased has gradually increased, and the domestic coal market has remained active.

    Looking back on March and April, the reason why coal prices in the port market remained at medium and high levels and hovered above 615 yuan/ton. Mainly driven by the improvement of downstream industrial enterprises'starting rate and the rapid recovery of power plant daily consumption; on the upstream side, safety and environmental protection checks continue, the process of resumption of production of coal mines is not as expected, and the supply of coal mines in the main producing areas continues to be in a tight state, resulting in insufficient supply of coal market and high price of pithead coal; in addition, the frustration of imported coal, the shortage of high-quality resources in ports and other factors, promote it. Coal prices remain at medium and high levels.

    In May, the spot price of the port first continued the upward trend at the end of last month; due to the slow recovery of industrial electricity, the daily consumption of power plants was low, and the demand became weak, which led to the decline of coal prices. Due to the rising price of crater, the phenomenon of coal price hanging upside down still exists, and the support of shipping cost is still in existence. From May 13, port coal prices rebounded again, especially low-calorie coal prices continued to rise slightly. It is expected that coal prices will fluctuate between 610 and 625 yuan/ton in May at the 5500 Daka port market.

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