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    Is there a difference between sunscreen and BB cream?

    Echemi 2019-06-03


    Sunscreen and BB Cream are different? This is a problem many sisters don't understand. There is a difference between BB cream and sunscreen, and it must be understood in order to take less detours on the road of skin care.

    Sunscreen and BB Cream Are there any differences

    Sunscreen and BB Cream are of course different, their differences are manifested in efficacy, texture, color, fluidity and so on. Before using them, we must make clear the difference between them, so as to make the skin look better maintained.

    BB cream is a product of bottom makeup. It is a multifunctional foundation liquid with relatively low covering power. It combines the main ingredients of foundation liquid, sunscreen cream and makeup milk. It is mainly used to modify and even skin tone, which can replace the bottom makeup products, and the makeup effect is not good. Sun cream is used daily for skin care, because without sunscreen, skin care is not possible. Sunscreen is composed of physical sunscreen or cosmetic sunscreen. Its main function is to insulate skin from long and short-wave ultraviolet radiation damage, reduce sunburn, suntan, color spots, prevent pore bulkiness, and prevent skin from photoaging as far as possible. Therefore, the use of sunscreen is very important.

    Some sunscreens with skin modification components can directly replace BB cream.

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