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    Ten cosmetics companies in South Korea were subject to administrative penalties

    Echemi 2019-06-11


    According to statistics, 10 Korean hair dyes were punished successively in May.

    According to the status quo of administrative penalties for cosmetics enterprises in May published by the Korea Food and Drug Safety Department, 10 enterprises such as Anti Gravity, Cosmo Health Care, YJ International, Flora Trade, NTH International, Mark Twain, Beautiful World, DDell and so on were subject to administrative penalties. Compared with 5, 4 and 10 enterprises which were subjected to administrative penalties in February, March and April, respectively, showed a gradual growth trend.

    Specifically, Henna hair dye is the most frequently reported product subject to administrative penalties, and the number of bacteria and fungi in most products exceeds the standard. Queens Henna Red, Queens Henna New Brown, YJ International Ayur Republic INDIGO, Ayur Republic HENNA, Flora Trade SILK Goolmy Natural Dark Brown, SILK Flora Black and SILK Goolmy Natural Herbal, Cosmo Health Care's Mame Henna, Maeem INGO DI, Natural Brown Henna and other 11 products are subject to administration.

    Beautiful world has been sentenced to three months' penalty for all products. The company's main product "Polyphos EX" has been punished for 45 days of suspension of advertising business. The product is a scalp care spray directly used in hair. It has been exported to Japan. Although Rakuten, Japan's largest online shopping mall, sells the most hair products for four consecutive years and is very popular, it received administrative penalties last year for advertising functional cosmetics as medicinal and foreign products.

    URE SKIN's Eggplant Master all in one toner, foam cleansing milk, Eggplant Master Clear Clear, anti blue light spray, whitening Musk Hand Cream and other 5 products were three months' penalty for stopping advertising business, 6 products of its whitening cream and whitening essence were two months' administrative penalties for stopping advertising. 4 products such as VICTORYSOOP Skin, emulsion, moisture cream and three sets were punished to stop advertising for 3~4 months. In addition, four products of DDell, including Cannu Toner, Cicanu Cleansing Water, Cicanu Cream, Cicanu AMPOULE, and Mark Twain's original Centella asiatica, were punished for stopping advertising business. People concerned in the industry said that "the administrative penalties are increasing, the education of the relevant administrative regulations of the Department of Food and Drugs is insufficient, and it needs to be improved now."

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