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    First import of frozen beef products from Europe at Xinjiang Port

    Echemi 2019-06-12


    On October 10th, the first batch of frozen beef from Europe completed all customs clearance procedures at Alashan Port in Xinjiang, which is the first import of frozen beef products from Europe at Xinjiang Port.

    According to the Alashankou Customs, the frozen beef is mainly beef tendon meat, beef burdock and tender shoulder meat, imported from Belarus, weighing 8.545 tons, which has passed the inspection and quarantine. The batch of frozen beef products, using built-in refrigerated containers, arrived at Alashan Port on the "Rongxin Europe" return train, and then were transported by automobiles from railways to designated regulatory sites for refrigeration storage. The products will be sold to the domestic market after completion of pre-loading preparations. The Alashan Port is the border port between China and Kazakhstan. According to Ho Yining, head of the First Section of Alashankou Customs Inspection, "Kazakhstan beef has been admitted according to the latest"List of Meat Products Delivered to China by Countries or Regions that Meet the Requirements of Assessment and Examination"published by the General Administration of Customs in May this year.

    customs introduced the Alashankou customs. With the continuous promotion of the "one belt and one way" initiative, more and more cargo owners recognized and chose to use the imported meat products from China and Europe, which not only made the people eat cheap meat products, but also played an important role in expanding the efficiency and increasing the loading rate.

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