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    Shandong: Food and Agricultural Products Certificate exceeded 9000

    Echemi 2019-06-26


    Recently, Shandong Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau held the 12th World Recognition Day. Up to now, Shandong Province has 150,180 certificates of various types, including 9008 certificates of food and agricultural products, accounting for 12.3% of the country, ranking fourth in the country. It is known that among the 9008 certification certificates, 3110 certificates of food safety management system, 3494 certificates of green food certification, 1579 certificates of pollution-free agricultural products certification, 778 certificates of organic products certification and 35 certificates of good agricultural standards certification. Jia Feng, deputy director of Shandong Market Supervision Bureau, said that the next step was to give full play to the role of certification as a booster in improving product quality and service quality, vigorously promote the development of food and agricultural product certification, and actively promote the promotion of new certification projects in key areas such as green and organic.

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