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    Selection of men's facial washing steps is very important for skin care products

    Echemi 2019-06-26


    If you want to be a god of men, the skin is bad but not good, you can not spend too much energy to skin care, but must wash your face correctly, to teach you the correct steps to wash your face.

    Men's facial washing steps

    Clean the face with warm water first, then choose a facial cleanser suitable for your skin. If you wipe your face, you can consider the facial cleansing cotton, which has better cleaning effect, can remove deeper garbage, clean your face well, it's better to use a refreshing water, lock the moisture in your skin, remove the cutin once a week, of course, to consider the facial cleansing cotton. Pay attention to your rest time and stay up less, your skin will be better.

    1. Clean your face with warm water:

    Many people often think that hot water can wash your face cleaner, but it will hurt your skin more. This method is wrong. Washing your face with warm water is the right way. If the temperature is too high, it will burn your skin. Warm water can protect your face from hunger, while warm water can protect your skin from hunger. And the cleaning effect will be better.

    2. Choose a facial wash product suitable for your skin:

    The skin quality of boys can be divided into several types: oily skin, dry skin and mixed skin. So when choosing cleansing products, we must know whether the products we choose correspond to our own skin quality or not. If we choose the wrong products, we will hurt our own skin instead. If we don't know our own skin quality, we should choose mild ones.

    3. Clean face with cotton can be used:

    Usually boys choose to wipe their faces with towels, but do not know that boys have found that cleaning with towels is only skin garbage on the surface, deep is very difficult to contact, so cleaning with cotton cleansing effect will be better, can go deep to the skin garbage.

    4. Choose the right time to wash your face:

    Simple cleansing is usually done in the morning, but if you want your skin to be better, it is recommended that you wash your face once in the morning and evening to make your skin breathable. After waking up in the morning, a lot of garbage has been generated in the facial area overnight. Washing at night is beneficial to the face. Washing at night can clean up the dust and other air particles in the face of the day. After cleansing your face, remember to lock the moisture in your skin. The moisture in your face is effectively locked. You feel your face is tight and elastic. You can use skin toner and other products.

    5. Get rid off the cutin once a week:

    The skin often discharges some waste and keeps its skin healthy through metabolism. If the old cutin is not cleaned up in time, it will affect the metabolism of the skin. If a boy wants to have a good face, he must remember to exfoliate once a week. 

    6. Pay attention to your rest time:

    Rest time can determine a person's skin and color. The skin of people who often stay up late will become very bad, and it is not good for their body. Boys want to make their faces look better. It is suggested that they should stay up less late and go to bed earlier, which will also be good for their health.



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