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    New Technology Enhances the Ability of Park Event Handling

    Echemi 2019-06-26


    Recently, the first Summit Forum on safety early warning, monitoring and emergency disposal of chemical industry parks was held in Beijing. Experts at the meeting said that at present, safety has become the red line of the development of chemical industry parks. Advanced military telemetry imaging and alarm technology can help all kinds of chemical industry parks improve their ability to deal with emergencies, comprehensively enhance their ability to safeguard safety, put forward safety early warning and emergency disposal programs to protect people's lives and property, and help chemical industry parks better cope with ecological culture. A series of problems in the field of Ming construction and environmental security. Delegates at the meeting pointed out that the current situation of potential safety hazards in chemical industry parks is extremely serious. The prevention and emergency treatment of chemical industry parks need not only rely on new technology and high-tech equipment systems to enhance early warning capabilities, but also through the application of large data and artificial intelligence, to build intelligent parks to improve risk management level and prevent accidents from happening online Co paint. At the same time, industrial fund is an important tool and way to integrate and optimize the allocation of social resources, which plays a prominent role in guiding, supporting and promoting the upgrading and renovation of chemical industry parks. With the support of the industrial fund, key chemical parks will be able to coordinate with the sustainable development of the park economy through optimizing the layout, wisdom upgrading, green development and standardized management.

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