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    =High temperature heating summer economic takeout cold drinks are all on fire

    Echemi 2019-07-09


    In recent days, the weather can be described as a "hot" word. Under the scorching sun, Tangshan is like a big oven. The temperature in the urban area has soared to over 35 degrees Celsius, and even 41.4 degrees Celsius appeared on June 22 in Zunhua. In summer, the economy also warmed up, and takeout cold drinks were on fire.

    Early on June 24, the hot sun on time "on duty" to start the "high baking" mode. In the sunshine, the temperature also rises in a straight line. Reporters saw that most of the pedestrians on the road were "fully armed" - hats, sunscreens, sunglasses, umbrellas in battle, if no protective measures were taken, they would try to hide in the shade to walk.

    "These days, it's hot and sweaty, a little wet, and it's not very comfortable. I get up early every day and go to the market to buy a good day's food. I carry it home and never go out again." Aunt Li, a citizen, said that recently she has tried to stay at home and cook mungbean Soup for her family.

    "It's too hot at noon. When I come out of the air-conditioning room, I can feel a heat wave. I instantly dispelled the idea of going out for dinner." Ms. He, who works in an office, said that in recent days she and her colleagues have basically chosen to order takeaway. "It takes more than 10 minutes to go to a restaurant. It's very hot and sweaty on the way, so it's better to order food online."

    In a fast-food restaurant on Huayan Road, although it's lunchtime, there are a few people who eat in the restaurant. On the contrary, the take-out orders on the bar have been on the rise. "Eat! No. 23, No. 24." There are many takeaway brothers with one or two meals in their hands. The restaurant's back kitchen staff said that the number of guests who came to the restaurant to eat recently had dropped dramatically, mainly relying on takeout to support the business. Mr. Gao, a takeaway delivery clerk, told reporters that the workload of these days is more than twice as much as before. There are 40 businesses in a day. Especially at the hottest time of noon, the software for pushing lists keeps going all the time. Cold drinks and processed foods are the hottest sellers on the market. Reporters in the business circle of Ocean City saw a long line at the cold drink counter. Salesmen told reporters that the hotter the weather, the higher the sales of cold drinks, June to September every year, is the peak season of the cold drinks industry, is more than five times the sales in winter. And in the market, dumplings, boiled corn, cut cakes and other finished foods are placed in a prominent position, becoming people's favorite, and a cold skin sales stall, customers are in an endless stream, the vendor said, when the weather is hot, cold skin, cold noodles sell very fast, 5 yuan a piece, a day to sell hundreds of copies.

    According to the weather forecast, the maximum temperature will remain above 30 in the next few days. How to "bake" when high temperature comes? Citizens should try their best to avoid going out in high temperature period, and do a good job of preventing heat, cooling and sunscreen when going out. Outdoor workers should pay special attention to the timely replenishment of water, rest, can prepare some light salt water, mung bean soup, Huoxiang Zhengqi water and other anti-heat items.

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