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    Xining: Unmarked merchandise of processed food has been rectified

    Echemi 2019-07-09


    On June 18, a citizen reported to the evening paper hotline that on June 17, she spent 32 yuan in Heshu International Village store to buy a can of Cow Roast Fur. When she ate it, she felt it tasted wrong. Looking closely, she found that there was no production date on the outer packing box. I hope the evening paper will pay attention to it. At noon on June 18, the reporter contacted the law enforcement officers of Gonghe Road Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Xining East District Market Supervision Bureau to inspect Heshu International Village Store. The reporter found that some food packaging boxes processed by the store did not have commodity labels and only food prices were posted on the shelves. Operators said that the food was baked in the morning and had not yet been aired. They could not be packed and labeled until the goods were completely cooled. Law enforcement officers said that according to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law, food processed by oneself must be labeled with the name, address, date of production, shelf life and contact information of the store. So the store does have irregularities. In response, a notice of responsibility rectification was issued on the spot, requiring the operator to stop business and rectify before June 20, and requesting an apology to the complaining customer for compensation, and refunding the unqualified goods sold.

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