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    13 categories of high-value medical consumables have price reduction

    Echemi 2019-07-08


    Medical Network, June 27, 15 Inter-provincial Alliance "One Ge" Shaanxi Province will carry out dynamic adjustment of 13 categories of high-value medical consumables. On June 24, Shaanxi Medical Security Bureau issued a Letter on Dynamic Adjustment of High-Value Medical Consumables, announcing that 13 categories of High-Value Medical Consumables, including Orthopaedic Implantation, Vascular Intervention and Neurosurgery, will be started in batches.

    For dynamic price adjustment, enterprises will compare the current lowest winning bid or networking price (hereinafter referred to as "national lowest price") for centralized purchasing by provinces with the product price limit executed by networking of purchasing platforms. If the national lowest price is lower than the product price limit of networking of purchasing platforms, they should declare the adjustment price limit of purchasing platforms within the prescribed time limit and provide it. Corresponding certification materials such as the notice of winning the bid (hanging up the net), the screenshot of the web page, etc.

    Provincial Trade Center examines the price and formulates a new price limit for the product in accordance with the principle of price limit; if the national minimum price is not confirmed in the price limit list, it shall be adjusted from the price limit list to the "alternative network list". After confirmation and publication by enterprises, it shall be submitted to the Provincial Medical Security Bureau for approval and adjustment of the product price limit.

    According to the Notice on Starting Online Sunshine Purchase of High Value Medical Consumables issued by the former Shaanxi Health Planning Commission in 2017, before June and December of each year, enterprises need to declare and adjust the corresponding prices of Shaanxi Province on their own initiative according to the platform requirements.

    But after the dynamic adjustment of high-value medical consumables, the price of hanging-up network will be changed into daily dynamic adjustment. Shaanxi is the first province in China to carry out sunshine purchasing of high-value medical consumables. In 2015, it completed the work related to sunshine purchasing of 13 categories of high-value medical consumables. Since 2017, the highest price decline of 13 categories of high-value medical consumables has been 98.7%, with an average decline of 18.37%, and 91.6% of the varieties are on the basis of the lowest price in the province. The lattice was further reduced.

    In addition to the dynamic adjustment of 13 categories of high-value consumables, in May 2018, Shaanxi Province carried out dynamic adjustment of 11 categories of medical consumables, such as neurosurgery. Two months later, on July 11, Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Equipment Centralized Purchasing Network issued a notice announcing the results of the dynamic adjustment of 11 categories of medical consumables, such as neurosurgery. Among them, 755 products were involved in the adjustment of the price limit catalogue, 886 products were applied for entering the price limit catalogue for the alternative varieties catalogue, and 189 products were adjusted according to the bargaining results because the bargaining price was completed and the bargaining price was lower than the original price limit. Among the bargaining varieties, the lowest rate of "light-cured base material" was 97.45% from 980 yuan to 25 yuan. The price of "extracorporeal circulation blood route of blood purification device" which entered the price limit catalogue dropped from 91.7 yuan to 27 yuan, with a decrease of 70.56%. The price of "disposable endoscope living sample needle" also dropped from 1800 yuan to 600 yuan after negotiation, with a decrease of 66.7%. In addition, according to the information of Jiangxi Health and Health Commission, in September 2018, Jiangxi adjusted the prices of four kinds of consumables, including orthopaedics and artificial organs, by establishing a dynamic price adjustment mechanism for high-value medical consumables, involving 592 products, with an average price reduction of 2344.26 yuan, an average reduction of 30.82%. Among the price adjustments of consumables in Jiangxi Province, orthopaedics involved 585 products. Among them, the price adjustment amount of external fixator produced by Dabo Medical Company was the highest, from 19927 yuan to 7719 yuan, while the top wire produced by Shandong Kangsheng Medical Company (children's orthopaedic side-bending top wire) decreased by 90%. It is noteworthy that the relevant documents of the above two dynamic adjustment of consumables in Shaanxi Province all point out that the adjusted consumables prices, varieties of consumables and the related situation of enterprises will be notified to the provinces (regions) of the Inter-provincial Recruitment Alliance for data and information sharing. At the beginning of 2016, Shaanxi Province proposed to carry out cross-provincial procurement of medical consumables.

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