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    Weekly Offers and Analyses for Chemicals (July 9, 2019)

    Echemi 2019-07-09


    1. Neomycin Sulfate $21/BOU

    The price of neomycin sulfate in Yichang Sanxia Pharmaceutical was lowered twice after the quotation was restored, and the price in Sichuan Long March Pharmaceutical was subsequently lowered. The market price continues to decline slowly and market demand decreases.

    2. Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride $22.77/KGS

    Manufacturers stop production and quoting.

    3. Tylosin Tartrate $32/KGS

    After the VIV Thailand, the price of tylosin tartrate and its derivatives (tylosin base, tylosin phosphate, tilmicosin phosphate, tilmicosin base, etc) rose in all aspects, and all three manufacturers raised their prices to fight against the scant domestic demand and price drop caused by African swine fever. Prices are based on 1mt or more, while bulk prices are relatively higher.

    4. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA) $1980/MT

    Market price is stable, and supply and demand are stable.

    5. Potassium Sorbate $4000/MT

    The price of potassium sorbate is relatively stable compared to that of the previous week. At present, it is a traditional off-season. The price is not likely to rise but will not decline in the short term. The factories are quoted according to every order.

    6. Sodium Benzoate $1100/MT

    The price of crude oil is rising and the price of raw material toluene is adjusted to ¥100-200. The price of sodium benzene is adjustable for the factory. 

    7. Ascorbic Acid $2700/MT

    The price of vitamin C continued to rise this week, and the product was in great demand. The price will continue to rise in the short term.

    8. Citric Acid Monohydrate $550/MT

    Several factories have plans for repair in July, and supply will be reduced. At present, the factory is in a loss-making state, and the price has reached the bottom. For customers who have demand, now is a good time to purchase.


    Biochemical Engineering

    1. Xanthan Gum $1850/MT

    During FIC, xanthan gum factories promoted sales, but after the exhibition, the price has returned to the previous. At present, Fufeng's price of 80 meshes is FOB Qingdao 2100 US dollars, 200 meshes is FOB Qingdao 2200 US dollars; Meihua's food grade of 80 meshes is FOB Qingdao 1800 US dollars, the grade of 200 meshes is FOB Qingdao 2100 US dollars.

    2. Carboxymethyl Cellulose $2320/MT

    At present, the prices of raw wood pulp and refined cotton are relatively stable, and the pressure of environmental protection has led to the shutdown of small factories, but most of the CMC enterprises have reached the standard, and the price is temporarily stable. At present, Anqiu Eagle 1000 viscosity FOB Qingdao 2320, each 1000 viscosity increase price increases by 50-80 US dollars.

    3. Maltodextrin $530/MT

    The price of somestic corn is mostly stable this week. The overall inventory is stable. It was expected that the market would be stable in the short term.The reference price was FOB Dalian Port 530 USD/ MT.

    4. Sucralose $27.3/KGS

    The price is stable this week, close to the lowest point.

    5. Dextrose Monohydrate $410/MT

    Recently, the price of domestic corn and the market are stable, and will continue to be stable in the short run. The price of dextrose monohydrate declines slightly. FOB Dalian Port: 410 USD/ MT


    Organic Chemistry

    1. Pentaerythritol $1500/MT

    The price and supply are stable.

    2. EDTA-2Na $1650/MT

    Market price is stable, and supply and demand are stable.

    3. Tetra Sodium Edta $1680/MT

    The price is stable and supply is stable.

    4. Butyl Acetate $1010/MT

    Due to the explosion in Jiangsu, most enterprises have been restricted in production and stopped working. The price of acetate products will continue to rise.

    5. Adipic Acid $1150/MT

    Domestic manufacturers raised their listing prices by 200 yuan this month. Traders' quotations are firm and have strong market intentions. Many factories have maintenance plans. Liaohua, Xinjiang, Taihua and other adipic acid supply is tight, and market prices are high. The price trend of adipic acid is expected to rise in the short term.


    Inorganic Chemistry

    Caustic Soda $550/MT

    Last week, the caustic soda market was stable as a whole and the turnover was relatively flexible. At present, there is no obvious change in the start-up of equipment in chlor-alkali enterprises, but there is no bright spot at the demand side, which lacks support for the caustic soda market. It is expected that the caustic soda market will be stable in the near future, with minor changes in some parts.


    Flavors and Fragrances

    N-Propyl Acetate $1110/MT

    Due to the explosion in Jiangsu, most enterprises have been restricted in production and stopped working. The price of acetate products will continue to rise.


    Food Additives

    1. Aspartame $10600/MT

    Environmental protection is carried out, and the delivery time is relatively long. The price is rising steadily. The peak season requires goods to be arranged in advance.

    2. Taurine $2280/MT

    The price is still at the bottom this week, but production volume at several firms is flucturating so the price could rise at any time.


    Chemical Reagents

    Acesulfame Potassium $7700/KGS

    At present, there are still only two production plants in China. The price is relatively stable and due to environmental pressure, the price will increase slightly recently. We still have 10 tons of inventory.


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