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    Lanzhou City Starts the Monthly Activity of Food Safety Restoration

    Echemi 2019-07-19


    China Gansu Net, July 10, according to Lanzhou Evening News (reporter Du Zhichao) on the afternoon of July 9, the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration launched a comprehensive campaign to create civilized cities and national food safety city food. The theme activities of the month of safety improvement. It is reported that from now on to July 31, our city's market supervision department will closely focus on the outstanding food safety issues of public concern, actively promote our city to create a national civilized city and a national food safety demonstration city, strictly control every line of defense from farmland to dining table, and effectively guard against regional and systematic food safety risks.

    According to the requirements, in the special renovation actions, we should combine the establishment of civilized cities with the establishment of national food safety demonstration cities, the centralized renovation with daily supervision, the strict law enforcement with scientific management, the combating of counterfeiting and the treatment of inferiority with the support of superiority and strength, and comprehensively strengthen food safety supervision. Improve the level of food safety in the city, so that people can buy and eat at ease. It is known that this special renovation will focus on the over-standard of agricultural and veterinary drugs, illegal additions, private slaughtering, dairy products, meat and meat products, bean products, edible oils, alcoholic drinks and edible agricultural products. At the same time, we should focus on rural areas, urban-rural junction departments, school surroundings, tourist attractions and stations, and take school canteens, canteens of government organs, enterprises and institutions, pension institutions, wholesale markets for agricultural products, market fairs, rural temple fairs and fairs, rural collective meals and small workshops, grocery stores, small catering and black workshops as key areas. Focusing on the comprehensive management of food safety in rural areas, fraud and false propaganda of food and health products, food safety supervision of collective meals in rural areas, food safety supervision of schools, organs, enterprises and institutions for the aged and food ordering on the Internet, we will further strengthen routine supervision and inspection and special spot checks. Efforts should be made to strengthen food safety risk investigation and comprehensive management of potential food safety hazards, effectively improve the level of food safety in the city, and focus on solving outstanding problems harming the interests of the masses.

    The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration said that the area and distribution of soil pollution on agricultural land and its impact on agricultural products would be identified in this renovation activity. We will carry out investigation and rectification of enterprises in key heavy metal industries, such as cadmium, and strive to cut off the access of heavy metal pollutants to agricultural products, and strengthen the prevention and control of water pollution in river basins. According to the results of detailed soil survey of agricultural land in the whole city, the classification and classification of agricultural land quality in the whole city were organized, the risk control of soil pollution of agricultural land was strengthened, and the pollution control and restoration of agricultural land were carried out in an orderly manner. Strengthen the control of the environment in the producing areas, continue to fight hard battles for the prevention and control of non-point source pollution in agriculture, and promote the detailed investigation of soil pollution in cultivated land. At the same time, we will continue to promote zero growth in the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and promote the technology of organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers and soil testing formula fertilization. Accelerate the information construction of pesticide and veterinary drug traceability in the whole city. Strengthen the control of pests and diseases and the whole process of green prevention and control, and organize special actions to crack down on pesticides, veterinary antibiotics and agricultural materials. In addition, our city will further improve and improve the linking mechanism between the origin of edible agricultural products and market access, and strive to achieve traceability.

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