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    Full-year ticket collection for some coal mines in Yushen

    Echemi 2019-07-23


    Coal inspection tickets will be issued according to the year-round approved production capacity: It is reported that some large mines such as Jinjitan in Yulin have been notified, some coal mines in Shenmu have been notified that coal inspection tickets can be collected for the whole year, but the output has not been released, but the way of receiving tickets has changed, the specific policy needs to be further observed, but the relevant departments have not issued official corrections. Notification document. Dabianyao Coal Mine: Since July 5, 2019, water washing coal and 815 pieces of coal have been increased by 10 yuan/ton, 580 yuan, raw coal by 10 yuan/ton, 535 yuan, 38 pieces by 10 yuan/ton and 650 yuan; Lunde Coal Mine: from 0:00 on July 6, 2019, the final coal has increased by 10 yuan/ton. Tax price 335 yuan/ton, clean coal 10 yuan/ton, tax price 420 yuan;

    Dongliang Coal Mine: from July 6, 2019, the price of 1-3 seeds and 2-5 seeds decreased 10 yuan/ton each;

    Xinyao Coal Industry: on July 5, 2019, at 6:38 p.m., the price was reduced by 10 yuan/ton, after the price was reduced, the price was 38 yuan 590 yuan, and other coal prices remained unchanged (560 yuan for the middle piece). Two-five-seed 565 yuan, one-three-seed 480 yuan and face coal 440 yuan, the above two-ticket cash price, acceptance plus 10 yuan;

    Shenyuan Mining Industry: from July 5, 2019, 38 pieces of coal were reduced by 15 yuan/ton;

    Puhe Coal Mine: from July 5, 2019, face coal was increased by 20 yuan/ton, lump coal by 10 yuan/ton;

    Matai Coal Mine, Inner Mongolia:201 Starting at 10:00 on July 5, 2009, the original price of washed seed coal was 480 yuan/ton, down by 10 yuan/ton, and the current price was 470 yuan/ton.

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