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    Status Quo of Chemical Industrial Parks in Guangdong Province

    Echemi 2019-07-18



    (I) Non-Manufacturing Parks

    Cultural and creative parks, e-commerce parks, logistics and storage parks, science and technology incubation parks are all non-manufacturing parks. For example, Guangzhou Creative Industry Park, Shenzhen Biomedical Innovation Industry Park, Hu’men E-Commerce Industry Park, etc.

    (II) Manufacturing parks

    1. Economic development zones(85) -- managed by the provincial department of commerce

    National level(6): Guangzhou, Nansha, Zengcheng, Huizhou Daya Bay, Zhuhai Gaolan Port, and Zhanjiang.

    Provincial level(61): e.g. development zones in Qujiang, Lechang, Wuhua, Zijin, Yangdong, Lianjiang

    Others (18): customs special supervision zone, Guangzhou bonded zone, Guangzhou export processing zone, etc.

    2. High-tech zones(22): provincial science and technology department management

    National level(12) : 9 pearl river delta cities and Qingyuan, Heyuan, Shantou (new approval)

    Provincial level(10) : Maoming, Meizhou, Yangjiang, Jieyang, etc.

    3. Provincial industrial transfer parks -- managed by the provincial economic and information technology commission(87)

    15 large parks: 8 demonstration parks jointly built (pearl river delta cities support non-pearl river delta parks) and 7 self-built demonstration parks

    72 small parks: general parks and gathering places

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