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    Biimidazolium alkylurea is harmful to skin

    Echemi 2019-08-12


    Skin care products are attracting more and more attention from fairies. Indeed, some high-risk ingredients are the best for sensitive skin to avoid as much as possible. Diimidazolium alkyl urea is a kind of artificial preservative. There are strict rules about the general dosage. Does diimidazolium alkyl urea harm the skin?

    Biimidazolium alkyl urea is a kind of preservative in cosmetics, which is mainly used to inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms. The content of Biimidazolium alkyl urea in qualified cosmetics is safe and does not harm to skin.

    Bisimidazolium alkylurea can selectively inhibit yeasts and fungi. This substance can improve the coatability of the product and has a smooth feeling. It can greatly reduce the heavy greasy feeling and stickiness caused by the addition of ultraviolet absorbent and pigments. This substance often appears in the bath lotion, which can quickly form a colorless transparent film on the skin surface, increase the long-term anti-bacterial effect, and make the surface decontamination and anti-bacterial effect better.

    This substance was invented and made into a disinfection and bathing product suitable for all kinds of skin. It has good effect of antimicrobial disinfection and bathing, low concentration, good stability, low cost and price, no damage to skin, no pollution to the environment, suitable for all kinds of skin, biotechnology process and wide application. Pan and other characteristics.

    Bisimidazolium alkyl urea can also make some acne-dispelling pox, and it will not stimulate skin and cause contact dermatitis, do not reduce resistance, it can itself have a very high shelf life of products, with the rest of the natural acne-dispelling ingredients, the effect is better.

    This substance can be used properly, but excessive use can cause skin discomfort.



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