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    East China coke market is tighter in supply and stronger in later period

    Echemi 2019-08-13


    The coke market in East China has been running steadily this week, and the regional coking production restriction is still strict. Influenced by the Blue Sky Defense War in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, the coke enterprises have entered a state of strict production restriction. The output restriction range of individual coke enterprises reaches 70%. Whether the coke enterprises will stop production in the future remains to be confirmed. Coke enterprises in Linyi and Weifang areas of Shandong Province are still in a state of limited production. The mainstream two-stage wet quenching in East China is now reported at 1900-1950 yuan/ton, quasi-first-stage wet quenching at 1950-2000 yuan/ton and quasi-first-stage dry quenching at 2150-2250, all of which are factory tax-containing prices. In terms of coke enterprises, the coke market supply in East China is generally tight. At present, coke shipments are smooth and the market bullish mood is high. As for steel mills, steel mills are actively purchasing at present. The arrival of main steel mills in Shandong Province is normal, and the stock is in the middle and high level. The blockage of Huai'an section in Jiangsu area has been dredged, and the downstream steel mills have concentrated arrival. Because Shandong Province needs to complete the task of reducing coal consumption in 2019-2020, coke enterprises have strong expectations of capacity, strong support for coke prices and strong operation of coke market in East China in the short term.

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