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    The price of vitamins is very different, but the effect is the same?

    Echemi 2019-08-09


    Many people will advise you to eat more vitamin C when you have a cold. In many people's eyes, vitamins are closely related to health. But when we buy vitamins in drugstores, we will find an interesting phenomenon. The price gap of vitamins in drugstores is huge. The price of vitamins in drugstores is about 2 yuan, and the price of vitamins in drugstores is more than 200 yuan. It's also vitamins. Why are prices so different? What's the difference in their efficacy? We all know that vitamins, like proteins, fats, sugars, water and inorganic salts, are indispensable nutrients for the human body. When the human body lacks vitamins, growth, development and reproduction will be affected, and metabolism will not be normal. The vitamins can be divided into two categories according to their uses: medical vitamins and supplementary vitamins. Medical vitamins are the kind of vitamins that we usually see at a lower price. They are usually selected according to deficiency and treated on demand, such as vitamin A for night blindness, vitamin B1 for beriberi, vitamin C for scurvy, vitamin D for rickets and so on. Nutritional supplement vitamins are the kind of vitamins with higher price. They are mainly used for people with unbalanced nutrition. They should be taken in small doses, in many varieties, frequently or continuously, which is conducive to absorption and utilization, and can be used to supplement all kinds of vitamins in an all-round way. Take vitamin C as an example. Medical vitamin C belongs to therapeutic vitamin. It has the approval number of "quasi" drug. It is a chemical synthetic product with low price, certain adverse drug reactions, low biological activity and single ingredient. Medical vitamin C tablets are necessary if the body is obviously deficient in vitamin C or needs treatment. Vitamin C tablets (buccal tablets, chewable tablets, effervescent tablets) for nutrition supplement belong to health food. They are the production symbol of "health". They have high biological activity and are easy to absorb and eat. They usually contain other plant nutrients and have stronger antioxidant capacity. Therefore, there are differences in the efficacy of vitamins with different prices, one is used as medicine, the other is eaten as health food. It also reminds us that taking vitamin supplements should be guided by professionals. Finally, we need to be clear that taking vitamins is not more beneficial, excessive use not only can not play a role in health care, but also there are certain risks. For example, long-term oral high-dose vitamin C, may appear nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, rash and other symptoms, but also increase the risk of kidney stones.

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