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    Strengthening the Main Body of New-type Agricultural Management

    Echemi 2019-08-12


    Reporters recently learned from the District Agricultural and Rural Bureau that since this year, our district has continued to support and strengthen various new types of agricultural operators in accordance with the general goal of Rural Revitalization of "industrial prosperity". At present, there are 17 leading agricultural enterprises at and above the municipal level in our district, including one national agricultural leading enterprise, five provincial agricultural leading enterprises, eight demonstration cooperatives at the municipal level and one national demonstration cooperative.

    Give full play to the role of trade associations and support the development of leading agricultural enterprises. We should not interfere with the autonomy of enterprises in production and operation, lighten the burden of enterprises, actively promote the development of agricultural industrialization, constantly improve the level of scale, organization and standardization of agricultural production, cultivate and support the main body of agricultural production and operation to become bigger and stronger, and guide and recommend agricultural enterprises to declare leading agricultural enterprises at the national, provincial and municipal levels. At present, there are 17 leading agricultural enterprises at or above the municipal level in our district, including one national agricultural leading enterprise and five provincial agricultural leading enterprises. In 2019, Guangzhou Restaurant Group Likoufu Food Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Greenhouse Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. were recommended to declare national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. Zhengda Kangdi (Guangzhou Panyu) Co., Ltd. was recommended to declare key agricultural leading enterprises in Guangdong Province and six agricultural leading enterprises were recommended to declare municipal agricultural leading enterprises. Industry.

    Increase support to promote the development of farmers' professional cooperatives. Publishing and issuing "Measures for the Management of Special Financial Support Funds for Farmers' Professional Cooperative Organizations in Panyu District of Guangzhou City", subsidizing the establishment, marketing, undertaking or co-sponsoring projects, holding training, establishing brands, applying for trademarks and obtaining green food certification of farmers' professional cooperatives in our district. Development has provided strong policy support. We will actively organize farmers'professional cooperatives to participate in various exhibitions held by provinces, municipalities and districts, promote cooperation between cooperatives and supermarkets, expand sales channels and further enhance the competitiveness of agricultural products in the market. Deji Fruit Growing Farmers'Professional Cooperative has established cooperative relationship with Guangzhou Agricultural and Commercial Bank Online Mall. Yuejia Fruit Professional Cooperative has explored the establishment of Taobao Online Shop and actively broadened online sales channels. At present, there are 8 demonstration societies at the municipal level and 1 demonstration societies at the national level in our district.

    Actively guide and promote the development of family farms. Publishing and Issuing the Notice of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Panyu District of Guangzhou on the Work of Family Farm Declaration and Recognition, formally launching the work of Family Farm Declaration and Recognition in the whole district. Up to now, the first batch of 24 "family farms in Panyu District" have been identified and licensed, and 4 of them are recommended to declare the title of "city-level family farms".

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