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    Guangzhou Petrochemical Company makes every effort to build odorless tank farm

    Echemi 2019-08-27


    "Now the tank farm environment is not only cleaner and cleaner than before, but also can hardly smell odor, which is due to the ongoing work of creating a'odorless factory'." Recently, Li Weicheng, an old worker who has worked in the tank farm of Guangzhou Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Department for nearly 30 years, said. Since this year, Guangzhou Petrochemical has launched the work of creating "odorless factory". According to the principles of "Party building, grid management, comprehensive coverage, responsibility to people", 179 Party members'responsibility areas have been established, and the grid responsibility system has been implemented "horizontally to the edge, vertically to the end", so that my responsibility area is odorless and my responsibility area has no odor. The plant has no odor and my operation Department has no odor to ensure the realization of the goal of "odor-free factory", promote the construction of green low-carbon city-type refining benchmarking enterprises, and promote the high-level construction of "clean, efficient, low-carbon, recycling" green low-carbon city-type refining benchmarking enterprises. The total storage capacity of 237 oil tanks in 20 tank areas under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Storage and Transportation is 1.58 million cubic meters, and the number of static sealing points reaches 61,786 points, which is of great scope, many sealing points and difficult management. In accordance with the requirements of the company's "odorless factory", the Ministry has formulated a work programme to build a "odorless tank area" to help the company to build a "odorless factory" target.

    In the process of establishing "odorless factory", the Storage and Transportation Department divides the jurisdiction area into six districts, namely, East 1, East 2, West 1, Recycling and Transfer, and Industrial Station, and implements grid management. By mobilizing Party members to take the lead, leading the staff and workers to join the bureau, carrying out a large-scale investigation and management of "odorless factories", and making every effort to investigate "odorless sources". The Ministry equips the post operators with "inspection leak bags", in which "one pot, one book, one card and one cloth" are placed, i.e., leak spraying pot, record book, leak spot card and cloth. Some tools are also placed to facilitate the team members to deal with leak spots immediately after inspection, and timely registration and reporting of temporary failures are organized by the department. Unified treatment.

    The large-scale investigation and management of leakage points in "odorless factories" have been strongly supported by employees, and the elimination of leakage points has become a conscious action of employees. On the afternoon of July 2, in summer, in order to check the leakage point, the equipment supervisor lay on the hot cement floor and drilled to the bottom of the pipeline for inspection. On July 4, Tang Ruiwei, the monitor of the West First District, found the leakage at the root of the main valve disc at the entrance of G902 tank during the inspection. He immediately disposed of the leakage with the "inspection kit" which he carried with him. Clean up the oil on the spot before leaving. In July, 169 leaks were found and treated by the Department of Storage and Transportation. The Ministry of Storage and Transportation also carries out monthly evaluation and recognition of "leak detection experts", "leak control pacesetters" and "winning teams" to form a good working atmosphere of "catch up with others by comparison with learning". By the end of June, the Ministry had awarded 7 advanced organizations and 8 advanced individuals with an award amount of nearly 10,000 yuan.

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