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    Beijing-Chengdu Agricultural Poverty Alleviation Cooperation reached 3.2 bn yuan

    Echemi 2019-08-22


    Recently, the Beijing-Chengdu Agricultural Poverty Alleviation Strategic Cooperation was held in Beijing. The leading agricultural enterprises in Beijing and Chengdu reached 53 cooperation intentions, 36 projects with contractual conditions, and the total investment and sales reached 3.235 billion yuan.

    Beijing-Chengdu Conference on Strategic Cooperation in Agriculture is held every two years. This event is the eighth consecutive session of Beijing-Chengdu Conference since 2004. Over the past 16 years, the cooperation between Beijing and Chengdu has been expanding and deepening, which has led to a number of leading agricultural enterprises and high-quality agricultural products brands. More than 160 cooperative projects have been implemented, with a total investment of 38 billion yuan and a capital of 20 billion yuan, effectively linking poverty alleviation with agricultural development, strategic cooperation and consumption poverty alleviation. Over the past three years, Beijing has allocated 326 million yuan to Chengde to help alleviate poverty. 104 projects have been implemented, including Huaifeng Industrial Park of Fengning County, Longhua Beef Cattle Breeding Base of Beijing Qianxi Crane Company, Luanping Agricultural-Optical Integration Industrial Park of Zhongke Xinrun Luanping, which has brought about 70,000 impoverished people in Chengde by radiation. Steady income growth.

    The responsible person of Beijing Agricultural and Rural Bureau introduced that Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are facing new era, new opportunities and new challenges for coordinated development. Beijing should continue to follow Secretary Cai Qi's instructions that "poverty alleviation and cooperation should be regarded as a part of the work, adhere to the first standard, set benchmarks and demonstrate, and be at the forefront of the country in poverty alleviation work". We will continue to promote implementation with solid measures and resolute actions.

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