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    Arrhythmia of second-born mothers who lose weight and exercise for 2 hours a day

    Echemi 2019-08-30


    After giving birth to a second child, women are anxious to lose weight. Therefore, they work hard for two to three hours in the gym every day. Unexpectedly, they begin to suffer from panic and chest tightness. Only when they see a doctor can they know that they are arrhythmia. Ms. Hu, 35 years old, lives in Gutian, Hankou. Two months ago, she gave birth to a second child successfully. She can't wait to lose weight quickly after the birth of her second child. So she got a card in the gym near the community. The coach specially made a fat-burning weight-loss plan for her, which required two to three hours of exercise every day. Every time, Ms. Hu did her best to exercise. After that, she felt exhausted. After two weeks of such exercise, Ms. Hu sometimes feels panic, chest tightness and other discomfort symptoms. Considering that something was wrong with her body, she rushed to the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan to see a doctor recently.

    Doctors found that the patient had arrhythmia phenomenon, and asked her to carry out dynamic electrocardiogram monitoring. The results showed that Ms. Hu had more than 50,000 atrial ectopic beats, accounting for about half of the total heart beats, and had atrial flutter for several hours. Her heart rate was as high as 200 beats per minute, which required prompt symptomatic treatment. Ms. Hu told doctors that she had suffered from myocarditis in high school and recovered well. She thought there would be no problem with her body, but she didn't think there would be any problem with her heart again because of exercise. Yu Yijun, director of cardiac electrophysiology Department of the hospital, explained that during the process of weight loss, the patient had a sudden increase in exercise, a rapid heartbeat and a long-term fatigue, which led to insufficient myocardial blood supply and arrhythmia induced by previously damaged myocardium.

    Yu Yijun reminded that for patients with a history of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, hypertension and other diseases, it is recommended to make a specific exercise prescription after the relevant physical fitness evaluation in the hospital. Especially for patients who have undergone coronary stent surgery and coronary artery bypass surgery, they are not suitable for losing weight with too intense exercise, but should choose fast walking, taijiquan, swimming and other sports.

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