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    Ningbo people's favorite crabs are on the market in large quantities

    Echemi 2019-09-10


    Ningbo Net News of China (reporter Chen Min correspondent Xu Chen Yan Chen Aqiong) For Ningbo people who have delicious seafood, this is a season full of food, because the crabs that make Ningbo people taste buds move are on the market in large quantities. However, the reporter learned from hospitals that gout patients increased sharply during this period because of delicious crabs.

    "Another!" Ding Jian, director of rheumatism Immunology Department of Xingning Hospital, Li Huili Hospital, Ningbo Medical Center, shook his head and said to Mr. Wen this morning that eating too many crabs can induce gout. Mr. Wen, 42, is a crab lover. He has eaten every meal since the crab came on the market. For a week in a row, the meal of two Crabs was almost three kilograms a day, plus a bottle of ice beer. Sadly, two days ago, his left toe began to ache and turn red. Over the past two days, the situation has not improved. Mr. Wen remembered that his father had been suffering from gout for more than 20 years. He also suffered from swelling and red pain of his toes when he had an attack, so he came to the Rheumatic Immunology Department to see a doctor. When uric acid soared to 500 mmol/L, it was gout.

    "The reason for gout is to add large mouthfuls of seafood and wine to the meal." Director Ding Jian explained, "Crabs are delicious, but they have very high purine content. Purine is metabolized into uric acid in the body. Seafood and wine will aggravate the deposition of uric acid and eventually lead to gout." Fortunately, Mr. Wen's first attack of gout requires only short-term anti-inflammatory and pain relief, coupled with dietary adjustment, which can be effectively controlled.

    Ding Jian said that due to the large number of seafood on the market every summer, there are more people barbecuing at night, which is the high incidence of gout. Gout is the most popular way to find middle-aged men. Ding Jian said that nearly 35% of middle-aged men in Ningbo have hyperuricemia, which is a high-risk group of gout. But the proportion of gout patients receiving standard treatment is less than 30%, many of them stop treatment after pain has stopped, and then make a surprise attack again. Mr. Wang, 56, is a wayward middle-aged gout patient. Ten years ago, he had gout, and his knees and ankles were red, swollen, hot and painful. If you have a seizure, you can tolerate it, but you can't afford to buy some painkillers. He also asked people to buy medicine in Hong Kong. In fact, the ingredients are hormones and painkillers, and there has been no regular treatment. Over the past few years, the situation has become more and more serious, and more than 10 gout stones have grown on Mr. Wang's feet. And he has no control over his diet. He has not stopped eating seafood and beer recently. Two weeks ago, Mr. Wang's legs were not straight before he came to the hospital. Finally, the doctor relieved his symptoms with medicine and needle-knife mirror.

    Although Mr. Wang's legs can be straightened and the pain on his feet is relieved, his joints have been deformed due to lack of standardized treatment. "Non-standard diagnosis and treatment lead to more and more severe attacks of arthritis, more and more gout stones formed by the deposition of uric acid crystals, joint dysfunction and even deformity." Ding Jian said that gout treatment should be standardized, and long-term indiscriminate use of analgesics, hormone side effects.

    "Although gout is not entirely eaten, high purine diet will accelerate the onset of gout, which is not conducive to the control of gout patients." Ding Jian suggested that people with family history of gout, obesity and middle-aged men should eat fewer fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, mushrooms, animal viscera, meat soup, wine and so on, because the purine content of these foods is higher.

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