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    The market share of infant formula milk powder in Hebei province

    Echemi 2019-09-10


    Recently, the Hebei Development and Reform Commission, in conjunction with the provincial departments of industry and information technology, agriculture and countryside, health and health, market supervision, commerce and customs in Shijiazhuang, formulated the Work Program of Three Action Plans for Implementing Domestic Baby Formula Milk Powder in Hebei Province (hereinafter referred to as "Work Program"). Moving our province to implement the three major action plans of "quality improvement, industry upgrading and brand cultivation" of domestic infant formula milk powder, and set the task objectives of the plan. By 2022, the self-sufficiency level of brand infant formula milk powder of Junle Bao, Sanyuan and other countries in Hebei Province will reach more than 60%, and the market share of infant formula milk powder will be complete.

    In order to accomplish the above tasks and objectives, the Work Programme put forward three key measures: First, to strengthen the standard guidance and quality supervision, and to promote the quality of milk powder to accelerate improvement. We should adhere to the strictest supervision system, strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises and the responsibility of municipal and county governments for territorial management, improve the quality and safety management system of the whole industry and chain products, and realize the whole process of supervision from source to consumption. The second is to enhance the market competitiveness of products in an all-round way and accelerate the upgrading of dairy powder industry. Accelerate the promotion of technology content of domestic infant formula milk powder products, reduce production costs, promote enterprise transformation and upgrading, and comprehensively enhance the market competitiveness of domestic infant formula milk powder. Third, we should vigorously enhance the reputation of domestic milk powder and accelerate the cultivation of milk powder brands. Increase publicity and promotion efforts, objectively reflect the progress of domestic infant formula milk powder in ensuring quality and safety, improving product quality, and constantly enhance the overall reputation of domestic products.

    In order to ensure that the goal is achieved on schedule, the Work Programme has identified three major safeguards: first, to increase policy support. The relevant departments of provinces, cities and counties, in conjunction with their functions, vigorously support the three major action plans of domestic infant formula milk powder. Increase support for the development of the domestic infant formula milk powder industry, increase financial support for the development of key common technology research and development platform, quality and safety traceability platform and other public welfare facilities in the domestic infant formula milk powder industry, encourage various industrial investment funds to support the transformation, upgrading and merger and reorganization of enterprises, and renew the Provincial strategy. The Industrial Development Fund should focus on supporting the dairy industry revitalization plan of Hebei Province, including the domestic infant formula milk powder project. Second, we should play a good role in provincial Trade associations. The relevant industry associations of provinces, cities and counties should intensify their efforts in industry operation monitoring, quality and safety report issuance, brand promotion, integrity system construction and international cooperation, and actively undertake industry management to promote the healthy and orderly development of infant formula milk powder industry. Third, we should strengthen responsibility implementation and policy evaluation. Departments concerned in provincial, municipal and county governments should strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, formulate specific annual work plans and measures, incorporate the implementation of work programmes into the assessment task list of their departments, and carry out policy effectiveness evaluation.

    It is understood that the promulgation of the Work Programme is to implement the relevant requirements of the Action Plan for Promoting Domestic Baby Formula Milk Powder issued jointly by the National Development and Reform Commission and other seven ministries and commissions in May this year, and to implement the Outline of the Dairy Industry Revitalization Plan of Hebei Province (2019-2025) and the People's Government of Hebei Province on it. Quickly promote the dairy industry to revitalize the implementation of the Opinions requirements. We will further strengthen standardization, scientific and technological innovation, law enforcement supervision and market cultivation, and comprehensively improve the quality, competitiveness and reputation of infant formula powder made in our province, such as Junle Bao.

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