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    Xuzhou pork and eggs prices continued to rise significantly

    Echemi 2019-09-10


    Pig hind leg meat 22 yuan per catty, small row 30 yuan per catty, big row 18 yuan per catty... Recently, many people have noticed that pork prices are a little "frightening" when they buy vegetables in the vegetable market. What is the reason for the recent rise in pork prices? Is pork price in Xuzhou expected to fall in the later period? On the 26th, the reporter visited the farmer's market for information.

    In the wholesale market of Xuzhou's agricultural and sideline products center, the wholesale price of pig hind leg meat was 18 yuan / kg, the wholesale price of 14 yuan / Jin, the small row 22 yuan / Jin, compared with the same period last month, the increase of 4-5 yuan per kilogram was obvious, compared with that, mutton and beef were relatively stable. Zhao, the head of the meat market, told reporters that this is a nationwide pork price increase, which is mainly affected by the African swine plague. The outbreak of African swine fever last year led to the nationwide culling of live pigs infected with swine fever, resulting in a decline in the number of pigs and pork production. The effect of tight pork market supply has recently begun to focus. The rising price of pork also affects pork sales. During the visit, several pork traders in the market said that the price of pork was higher recently and people bought less pork, especially pork chops and tenderloin, which were slightly more expensive, were affected. In addition to pork, the prices of vegetables and eggs also increased by different ranges. Su Haiming, manager of vegetable area in the wholesale market of Xuzhou Agricultural and sideline Products Center, said that due to the influence of typhoon in the past period, the local leafy vegetables were seriously damaged, causing the overall price of leafy vegetables to rise. For example, the wholesale price of Shanghai Qing rose from 1.5 yuan/kg to 2.2 yuan/kg in the same period last month, the price of rape rose from 1.4 yuan/kg to 2.7 yuan/kg, lettuce from 1.6 yuan/kg to 3 yuan/kg, and celery from 1.2 yuan/kg to 1.5 yuan/kg. At present, the main sources of vegetables on the market are Northeast, Shandong, Shanghai, Huaibei, Hebei and other places. Affected by prices, vegetable sales have declined slightly. The daily sales of vegetable areas in this market are about 300-400 tons, which is about 15% lower than the same period last month. The wholesale price of eggs in Xuzhou Agricultural and sideline Products Center was 5.6 yuan per kilogram on that day. The wholesale price of grass eggs had broken 7 yuan per kilogram. The wholesale price of grass eggs was 7.0 yuan per kilogram, reaching the highest level in the past three years.

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