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    Why did c Beauty lose the Chinese cosmetics industry?

    Echemi 2019-09-10


    After three and a half years, Isetan Beauty, China's first cosmetics store under Isetan Beauty, Shanghai Dayuecheng Store, will be officially closed on September 22.

    On the morning of August 26, Lianzhang came to Isetan Beauty, located in the North seat of Jing'an Dayuecheng City, and found that the closure announcement was everywhere in doors and stores. Isetan pointed out in the announcement that it was necessary to close Dayuecheng store because of the re-layout of brand strategy.

    This foreign-funded shop which started its trial operation in Dayuecheng in 2015 is also hard to escape closure. In fact, cosmetics stores have been regarded as the "good medicine" for the transformation of department stores in recent years. From the domestic point of view, Jinying, Baisheng and Nanjing Chinese businessmen have also tried water. According to the mid-year report published by Baisheng recently, cosmetics stores have been used as the "good medicine" for the transformation of department stores. Goods are still the main reason for Baisheng's sales growth. Why did Isetan Beauty lose the fast-growing cosmetics industry in China?

    The decline of passenger flow is bound to be the main reason for the shop owner. Lianshang entered the store around 11 a.m., with less than 10 customers in 40 minutes, even if there were 6 discounts on cosmetic instruments and the shop was closed at the entrance. Notice, the store is still open. The reason why Isetan Beauty is not attractive to customers is that its product layout is too similar to Sephora. Even with green & tasty, Isetan Beauty is pulled out to compare with Sephora in public comments.

    "Lian Shang net" has been found in stores. The products of Isetan Beauty stores include cosmetics, skin care, perfume, hair care, beauty equipment and so on. There are also brands such as Estee Lauder, CLARINS, Shiseido, Lancome and so on. Minority brands are only THREE, Pine Hill Oil and so on.

    When Lianzhang asked THREE, the shop assistant said that the brand could only be purchased at the overseas flagship store of Isetan Beauty in Sanyue, which was the main reason why consumers equated Isetan Beauty with Sephora, and the product layout was not very different. The recognition leads Isetan Beauty to face great competition. Especially when Parkson and Golden Eagle set foot in cosmetics stores, they brought the concepts of customized make-up and beauty care into the stores, and the form of Isetan Beauty seems a little singular.

    In addition, the price of Isetan Beauty products does not have much advantage.

    Take Anreza sunscreen as an example, Lianzhang found that the price of the product was 298 yuan, while the current price of the product was only 228 yuan at the official flagship store. Lianzhang noted that although it would close next month, most of the Isetan Beauty products were still sold at the original price, only some products were discounted by 8%. 。 Isetan Beauty did not do very well in getting through online and offline. According to a 36 krypton report, one customer said, "It's very convenient to shop online and bring your own products offline, but the products ordered online in Isetan Beauty have not arrived at stores in time for more than one time." The original online and offline linkage sales model is nothing. And the beauty store represented by Watson's and Sephora is actively embracing the new retail, online and offline linkage sales.

    In fact, Isetan Beauty had a clear positioning at the beginning of its entry into the Chinese market. According to media reports at that time, Isetan Beauty paid more attention to consumer experience and emotional communication with consumers, and formulated a plan to gradually cover the second and third-tier markets of China with the performance of its stores as the first choice, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

    Although Isetan Beauty said in the announcement that the closure was for strategic layout, it was more like being abandoned by consumers. Isetan Beauty did not keep up with the pace of changes in the Chinese market. Pan Yuming, a member of the Senior Advisory Panel of the Associated Business, said that Istanbul Japan attaches great importance to cosmetics. Shinjuku flagship store is adjusting. One of the key points is to expand the scale of cosmetics from the first floor to the second floor to make an international well-known cosmetics pool. At the same time, to do a good job in online sales service, including nuclear products. The selling point is the brand cooperation policy. In Japan, cosmetics are highly recognized by Shinjuku stores, and Ginza Sanyue stores are also a strong growth point. Their cosmetics stores are located in many shopping malls, and their performance growth is higher than that of clothing. According to this logic, under the relatively good channel background, Shanghai cosmetics collection store should be good. However, if we consider the domestic cosmetics market chasing the wind, their performance is not good, leading to closure, perhaps really abandoned by the powerful girl consumer group.

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