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    Operation of Electric Coal Price in Chongqing in July 2019

    Echemi 2019-09-10


    In July, the domestic coal and steel market was relatively loose in supply and demand, and the electricity coal price in Chongqing remained in line with the national price operation, showing a downward trend.

    Electric coal price has changed from rising to falling. After July, the coal pipe ticket system in Yulin area of Shaanxi Province, the main producing area, has relaxed and the quantity of coal mine production has increased steadily. The coal supply is increasing. At the same time, it is affected by the staggered peak production, production restriction and continuous rainfall of downstream enterprises such as cement, steel and coking in many areas of northern China. Sound, the demand for coal in the producing area is weakening, the pattern of coal supply and demand is loose, and the price of electricity coal in our city has slightly declined after a two-month rise in the market. The average price of coal and electricity in the eight major power plants monitored was 585 yuan/ton, 97 yuan/ton higher than the national average, and the price fell by 3.58% annually and 4.23% year-on-year.

    Continuous high temperature weather in Chongqing in August, electricity load or increase, will stimulate coal demand to a certain extent, coal prices are expected to rise steadily and moderately.

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