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    Baotou seized a serious illegal pharmacy

    Echemi 2019-09-05


    On August 28, the fourth inspection team of the Food and Drug Safety Centenary of Baotou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau (BMSA) specially renovated "Thunder Action" and seized a pharmacy in Damao Banner, Damao Banner (hereinafter referred to as "Damao Banner"), which was seriously illegally operated, Shenlong Drugstore in Damao Banner. During the inspection, law enforcement personnel found that the pharmacy not only sold expired medicines and pests, but also set up private drug depots to store large quantities of unknown, unmarked and unqualified Chinese medicines. Law enforcement officers also found that there were illegal and illegal actions in the pharmacy, such as the absence of licensed pharmacists and the sale of prescription drugs without prescription, and that there were great potential safety hazards in the drug shade cabinet and refrigeration cabinet without refrigeration mechanism and temperature records. Law enforcement officers seized expired and deteriorated drugs on the spot, sealed up illegal private drug stores, and ordered the local market supervision bureau to file a case. However, about an hour later, law enforcement officers visited the drugstore again and found that the drugstore staff had privately opened the seals and moved the drugs stored in the warehouse. This act is suspected of being illegal and criminal. The law enforcement officers immediately report the case to the local public security organs and transfer the case to the public security organs for investigation.

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