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    Shanghai Pharmaceutical Regulatory Bureau to Promote Sampling System

    Echemi 2019-09-16


    It is found that the support rate of enterprises for implementing the "cosmetics sampling and sampling system" was very high, reaching 88.7%.

    Supervising and sampling cosmetics is an effective means for drug regulatory departments to ensure product quality and safety. However, sampling samples have always been provided free of charge by enterprises, which is a considerable expense for enterprises. During the theme education of "never forget the beginning and remember the mission", Shanghai Drug Administration carried out in-depth research around the outstanding "sample sampling burden" reflected by enterprises, and brewed the introduction of "cosmetics sample sampling and purchase system" in order to resolve the growing worries of "beautiful economy". Shanghai is one of the most concentrated areas of cosmetics industry in China. Last year, there were 5850 registered entrusted manufacturing enterprises, ranking second in the country; more than 240,000 registered products accounted for one tenth of the country. As the head of the industry, the drug regulatory department will schedule the corresponding sampling plan every year. "Each sampling will involve more than five or six products, because to cover different inspection items, each product will have a certain amount of samples, and ultimately each sampling may reach hundreds of products, which is also a cost for enterprises." Wen Daxiang, Director of Shanghai Drug Administration, heard many enterprises mention this issue during his visit to enterprises. For a long time, the supervision department of our country has adopted the way of free supply when sampling samples from cosmetics production and marketing enterprises. So, is it possible to "reduce the burden" for enterprises?

    "Shanghai should focus on the development of biomedical industry, and cosmetics industry is an important part of it. Around the high voice of enterprises, as long as it is reasonable, we should study and formulate solutions, deepen the "detention uniform" and create a better business environment. Wen Daxiang said that the Municipal Pharmaceutical Regulatory Bureau set up special research topics, not only consulted the practices of foreign counterparts, but also went to Unilever, Baigei and other enterprises to conduct research and issue questionnaires.

    Research and development found that foreign counterparts have the practice of implementing the sampling system for sampling samples, that is, the regulatory authorities purchase sampling samples directly in the market. From the results of the questionnaire survey, the support rate of enterprises for implementing the "cosmetics sampling and sampling system" is very high, reaching 88.7%, which is considered to have a good negative effect on enterprises. In sorting out the relevant laws and regulations, the Municipal Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau also found that some brotherly provinces and municipalities such as Guangdong and Shandong have carried out sampling and sampling system.

    However, Shanghai has a large volume, and does the implementation of the "sample buying system" have budget support? After communicating with the financial department, the other side expressed its support in principle, which brought a "reassuring pill" to the regulatory department when it brewed the new regulation. Cosmetics industry is one of the pillar industries in Shanghai. In many districts of Shanghai, the proportion and weight of cosmetics industry is very large. Solving the urgent need of enterprises and loosening the bondage for the development of enterprises will help to further boost the momentum of enterprise development and increase investment in Shanghai. At present, the Municipal Pharmaceutical Regulatory Bureau is intensifying its investigation and research around the landing of sampling and sampling system to form a report. It is worth mentioning that the regulations on cosmetics supervision are being revised by the State Pharmaceutical Administration, and samples of cosmetics are included in the latest revised draft for comment. This practice in Shanghai is also expected to accumulate the experience of pilot test at the national level. "This is a good measure for enterprises and industries. Take our products for example, from whitening to sunscreen, there are always many forests. If calculated according to the amount of 100 products out of the factory, the cost will be about 10,000 yuan if the sample inspection is carried out once. Ni Lili, Director of Cosmetic Quality of Galan Company, located in Dongfang Meigu, Fengxian District, said in an interview with reporters that she expects good news from the industry of "sampling and sampling system" to come to the ground as soon as possible.

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