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    Origin of power coal: mainly rising

    Echemi 2019-09-17


    This week, the main producer of power coal market rose mainly. Since September, the situation of coal mine safety and environmental protection inspection has become more and more serious. The restrictions on coal pipe tickets and pyrotechnics have been stringent, and the overall coal output has shrunk. At the same time, driven by the demand for civilian coal, the lump coal prices of many coal mines in Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia have increased by 10-20 yuan/ton. Affected by the security inspection of the main producing area, the rise of pithead price and the overhaul of Daqin Line, the quotation of northern port traders began to rise. However, due to the low temperature in the South and the low level of industrial power consumption, the daily consumption of coastal power plants will decline after the end of September, and the overall demand for coal is not high. The downstream users depress the price obviously, and the transaction price is weak and stable. At present, the buyers and sellers are at a standstill stage. The mainstream price of 5500 large-calorie coal is around 580 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of 5000 large-calorie coal is around 510 yuan/ton. The end-users are still mainly lengthening coals, and the market coal turnover is scarce. On the downstream side, with the decrease of temperature, the electricity load in Shandong province decreases, while some main power plants begin to repair their motors in autumn. It is expected that the power generation will further decrease in the short term. At present, the main power plant inventory is generally more than 20 days, a state-owned power plant due to unit maintenance in September, power generation reduced, all individual coal suppliers suspended coal supply; enterprise-owned power plant in Binzhou, Shandong Province, due to the high inventory of a enterprise-owned power plant, the purchase price of bituminous coal has been lowered since September 4, with a range of 5-7 yuan/ton.

    Inner Mongolia: This week, the trend of the power coal market in Erdos, Inner Mongolia, was divided, with the price of pulverized coal steadily declining and the price of lump coal rising. Towards the 70th anniversary of Daqing, the safety inspection of coal mines in the producing areas is becoming stricter and the coal supply is on the tight side. With the support of the better demand for civil coal in Northeast China, lump coal sales are in good condition. This week, the price of 38 lump coal washed in a coal mine in Yiqi increased by 10 yuan/ton to 525 yuan/ton. The pulverized coal market was affected by the downturn of power coal in northern ports last week. The overall demand was weak and the price rise was temporarily short of support. Driven by the rising lump coal price, the price of pulverized coal in most coal mines tended to stabilize.

    Shanxi: This week, the price of power coal in Shanxi has been steadily declining. A state-owned coal mine in Datong area has lowered the tax price of coal pit mouth from 20 yuan/ton to 400 yuan/ton after September. At present, the coal in the coal face is mainly sold on land, which is affected by the National Day security inspection. It is expected that production will be suspended for some time after September 20. The price of power coal in Shuozhou area has been slightly lowered by 5 yuan/ton since the end of August due to the downward trend of coal price in northern ports. The price of power coal plate in Pinglu District is about 370 yuan/ton for 5000 big calories. The price of power coal in Ningwu area runs smoothly as a whole. According to Zhuo Chuang, the price of power coal in a local coal mine is 310 yuan/ton for 5200 cards and 280 yuan/ton for 5000 cards. Recently, the freight price from Ningwu to Dongying in Shandong Province has been increased by 20 yuan/ton, from 180 yuan/ton to 200 yuan/ton. The increase in freight is mainly due to the active stock raising of a power plant owned by an enterprise in Shandong Province, resulting in the shortage of vehicle sources.

    Shaanxi: This week, the power coal market in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, rose mainly. Driven by the demand for civil use, lump coal sales are good, and the price of many coal mines has been raised by 10-20 yuan per ton. According to Zhuo Chuang's understanding, after the lump coal price of a coal mine in Yuyang District has been raised to 500 yuan/ton, the downstream acceptance is still acceptable, and there is no coal in the mine at this stage. After September, with the development of security inspection and environmental protection inspection, it is expected that pithead prices will rise, but due to the impact of downstream production restrictions, coal prices will not rise too much.

    Shandong area: Shandong power coal prices fell overall this week. At present, the supervision and inspection teams are stationed in Shandong cities, which has limited impact on production; affected by poor downstream demand, the price of power coal was lowered at a large mine in Shandong earlier this month. It is known that most other coal mines in Shandong have downward expectations. For power plants, purchasing prices of power plants have steadily declined this week. For the main power plants, after lowering the receiving prices at the beginning of the month, the receiving prices have temporarily stabilized this week. Some power plants have started motor maintenance in autumn. In the short term, power generation has decreased significantly, and individual power plants have suspended all individual coal supply; for the enterprises'own power plants, the main power plants have been lowered. Electric coal price led to higher superimposed inventory, this week, some power plants down the purchase price. In the latter stage, the daily consumption of power plants decreased significantly, while motor maintenance began gradually, and the downstream demand further weakened. In the latter stage, the price of power coal in Shandong may go down somewhat.

    East China: This week, the price of power coal at ports in East China is running weakly and steadily. Taking Ningbo Port as an example, the current mainstream quotation of 5500 cards of domestic trade coal in Ningbo Port is 626 yuan/ton, which is 2 yuan/ton lower than the same period last week; the mainstream quotation of 5000 cards is 554 yuan/ton, which is the same as the same period last week. This week, the high temperature weather in southern China has decreased, the daily consumption of power plants has dropped significantly. Although the Pre-Inventory period has been digested, the overall level is still at a high level, the enthusiasm of coal procurement in the market is limited, the trading atmosphere in the port is cold, and the coal price is weak and stable. Later, the downstream demand for power coal gradually transited to the off-season, and it is expected that the power coal price in East China Port will not increase enough.

    Southwest China: The price of power coal in Southwest China is running weakly this week. Southwest power plant has a high inventory of coal. With the coming of high temperature after autumn, power plants speed up the pace of inventory removal, and the main replenishment is Changxie coal. Non-electric power enterprises have recently purchased, the main terminal is cement plant, but because some areas are still in the period of kiln shutdown, the overall purchasing intention is not strong. Later cement industry entered the traditional peak season, the demand for power coal has been boosted, or coal prices in Southwest China have been supported.

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