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    Investigation of Chen Ailin's Enterprises in Yueyang Green Chemical Park

    Echemi 2019-09-17


    On August 27, Chen Ailin, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, went to Yueyang Green Chemical Industry Park in Hunan Province to investigate the development of enterprises in the precise service park and promote the agglomeration of Yueyang Petrochemical Industry Cluster.

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Baling Petrochemical Company and Changling Petrochemical Company. Chen Ailin went deep into Baling Petrochemical Company's Caprolactam Division, Synthetic Rubber Division, Epoxy Resin Division and related enterprises to understand in detail the company's leading product development trends and the status of the international and domestic industries. Chen Ailin thanked the "two factories" for their contributions to the city's economic and social development over the past 50 years. He fully affirmed the leading position of many products and technologies of Baling Company at home and abroad. He hoped that the petrochemical industry would play a greater role in the new journey of Yueyang's metropolitan construction. To express full support for Baling's proposals on strengthening intellectual property protection and supporting the introduction of high-end talents.

    Chen Ailin pointed out that all parks in the city should pay attention to the word "precision" in serving enterprises. First, we should send preferential policies for enterprises involved to our doors, sort out the preferential policies for enterprises in the park comprehensively, make a list, focus on speaking clearly to the enterprise leaders, and do a good job of online push. Second, we should help enterprises understand the latest policies of capital market and guide them to make full use of capital market. Third, we should speed up the disposal of "zombie enterprises", actively revitalize the idle land stock, and accelerate the landing of new enterprises.

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