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    Northern Anhui coal electricity: slime sales on the "Internet +" express

    Echemi 2019-10-15


    Recently, with more than 5,000 tons of new "shelf" coal slurry subject matter successfully bidding for sale and put into the market in the East Coal Electronic Trade Center, the network sales of coal slurry of Wanbei Coal and Electricity Group have reached 32 times this year, with an effect of nearly 30 million yuan.

    in recent years, the northern Anhui coal and electricity group has actively innovating the idea of "Internet +", and has built a deep synergy mechanism for production and marketing, guided the sale of slime from line to line, and has come out of a new way of value-added products with higher quality, better efficiency and better structure.

    Because of its characteristics of high water, high ash and low heat, it is difficult to transport and difficult to load and unload, and its industrial utilization value is low, it is always at the end of the coal product chain.

    In May 2016, continuous heavy rains made Zhu Mingna, head of Qian Yingzi Mine Transportation and Marketing Section of Northern Anhui Coal and Electricity Group, feel like a pin and needle. For various reasons, the mine accumulated more than 20,000 tons of slime that month, and faced the risk of increasing storage.

    "Slurry is easily polluted by dust when it is lost by water, which has a great impact on the environment. We have been interviewed by relevant departments for many times." Now Zhu Mingna still has palpitations when she recalls the situation at that time. She said that because the slime storage capacity of the coal preparation plant in the mining area is small, if it can not be cleared in time, it will cause product backlog, affecting normal production. If we go back to other places, the cost will rise by 5 yuan to 10 yuan per ton. Finally, we can only choose to sell at a lower price, which makes it difficult to maximize the benefits. According to Ma Yongsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Anhui North Coal and Electricity Group Sales Company, the main reason for the difficulty of coal slime sales is that there are some loopholes and drawbacks in traditional coal slime trading.

    "The main reason for the cooling of slime sales is that the existing pricing mechanism needs to be reformed, which lags behind the changes of market supply and demand." Ma Yongsheng said, "In the past, sales companies used to implement a fixed-time pricing mechanism in coal slurry sales. Generally, about 15 buyers were invited to see, bid and pull goods at the same time. Due to the periodic change of underground production conditions, the quality of spot slime fluctuates from time to time, and customers rush to buy out when the quality is good. When the quality is slightly worse, nobody asks for it, so the price has to be lowered to be guaranteed. Sometimes the buyer refuses to perform for various reasons." According to Ma Yongsheng, breaking through the bottleneck of coal slime trading lies mainly in reconstructing the new model of coal slime trading.

    "Internet +", sold on the slime online for 5 months, 12 days, at the sales department, Zhou Renhai, the Minister of marketing, just sent away the customers who came to order. It was too late for a rest to open the computer, log on to the East coal electronic trading center, and carefully examine the relevant transaction information.

    "This is the sales company's bidding sales forecast for Wugou Coal Slurry Network linked to the Eastern Coal Electronic Trading Center." Zhou Renhai pointed to a sales announcement on the Internet and said, "The heat of the subject matter is 2600 kcal/kg to 2800 kcal/kg, the quantity is 3000 tons, and the bottom price is 245 yuan/ton."

    Zhou Renhai said that in 2016, when the sales of coal slime were cold off-line, Wanbei Coal and Electricity Group actively changed its marketing thinking, decided to implement the online sales of coal slime, and entrusted Shanghai Jinyi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. to act as an agent for the online sales of coal slime in the East Coal Trade Center.

    Specifically, before 25 days of each month, each mine will submit to the sales company the information of resources and quality of each kind of coal in the next month in writing. The leading group of coal slime online sales will draw up a plan of online sales resources based on the coal quality prediction analysis report and the current comprehensive index of coal price, draw up the bottom price of coal slime sales bidding, and then Fax to Dongfang Coal Electronic Trading Center for input and information release. After paying the full margin, the customer will bid within the prescribed time. After the completion of online sales, the winning bidder will go to the marketing department to sign the purchase and sale contract and other related formalities within the prescribed time, and specify the delivery time limit. In strict accordance with the Measures for the Administration of Land Sales Coal and the terms of the contract, the Mining Sales Departments or the Product Quality Departments urge customers to do a good job in the delivery and acceptance of slime within the delivery time limit. Sun Yu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Commission of the Sales Company, said: "The price of coal slurry online sales bidding has not only increased, but more importantly, the sales environment has been optimized." It is known that buyers who participate in online bidding should pay 10% of the payment as collateral, then pay all the payment after the transaction, and use 10% of the payment as collateral for prompt delivery, which effectively improves the enthusiasm of buyers. At the same time, Jinyi Company and the sales company have formulated corresponding credit rating evaluation standards. For those companies and individuals who have malicious breaches of contract and two non-malicious breaches of contract and malicious series of price-fixing bid, they are blacklisted in time and their bidding participation qualification is cancelled.

    "Online bidding, the higher the price." Zhang Xiaobo, an important customer of Qian Yingzi Coal Slurry, Anhui Anhui Coal Material Trade Co., Ltd., said, "The links of man-made bargaining and on-site cargo viewing are omitted, which prevents dark box operation, improves procurement efficiency and reduces procurement cost." As a long-term and stable customer, Anhui Anhui Anhui Coal Material Trading Co., Ltd. has purchased Qian Yingzi coal slime for seven or eight years, accounting for one third of the coal slime produced by the mine. Zhang Xiaobo is in favor of online bidding. He hopes that both sides can sign a long-term agreement and enjoy preferential policies.

    Flowers at many points, ushering in multiple benefits

    Seeing the explosive sales situation of coal slime, sales company staff have new ideas. "Internet + washing coal mixed", "Internet + clean coal" and more series of "Internet +" products on one after another.

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