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    Domestic o-phthalic anhydride market consolidation on September 16

    Echemi 2019-09-18


    Phthalic anhydride Guide: Yesterday, the domestic o-phthalic anhydride market was mainly consolidated, with a light trading atmosphere. Phthalic anhydride spot supply level is low, raw material o-phenyl is still a good release, merchants still have a certain price sentiment, but the downstream demand follow-up is insufficient, facing high prices, conflicting sentiment is increasing, new orders market situation is not good. The reference price of East China is 7000-7100 yuan per ton, while that of North China is 6800 yuan per ton. Future market forecast: the situation of phthalic anhydride shortage will continue, but the same demand will shrink, will still be subject to cost and demand game, the market is expected to be temporarily consolidated.

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