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    Prospects of Antibacterial and Anti-mildew Architectural Coatings

    Echemi 2019-09-29


    China's national economy is characterized by "stable, better than expected, continuous release of economic vitality, momentum and potential, marked enhancement of stability, coordination and sustainability, and stable and healthy development." The new and old momentum will accelerate the transformation, innovative development will continue to develop, new momentum will continue to grow rapidly, and both the quality and efficiency of economic growth will be improved.

    Green development has become an industry consensus to comprehensively promote cleaner production, promote the development of environmental protection industry, and change the traditional mode of coating on-line, which sacrifices the ecological environment for economic development. A large number of old and backward coatings enterprises which do not meet the requirements of environmental protection have been eliminated and closed by local governments, including those producing anti-bacterial and anti-mildew coatings. Relevant enterprises have been forced to increase investment in environmental protection in production links, renovate existing production plants, replace production equipment, increase waste gas collection and treatment facilities, and increase sewage disposal energy. Power. It has greatly increased the investment and operation cost of enterprises. At the same time, users are gradually changing the choice of coatings products, there is an urgent need to meet their own requirements of anti-bacterial and anti-mildew coatings, which is a strong pull for the development of anti-bacterial and anti-mildew architectural coatings in China.

    Innovation has become the internal driving force of industry development. We should increase R&D investment and enhance innovation ability. In the development of anti-bacterial and anti-mildew coatings, great efforts have been made. According to the environmental requirements and the needs of downstream users, we will continue to develop new varieties, research new processes, realize product diversity and differentiation, and strive to seize the commanding heights of the future market. It is necessary to speed up the research and development of anti-bacterial and anti-mildew architectural coatings, especially the application of nano-inorganic silver-loaded anti-bacterial and anti-mildew coatings in the field of architectural decoration and decoration. The road map of ecological civilization construction and green development with coexistence of challenges and opportunities has brought a new development period for China's coatings industry. On the one hand, the environmental protection situation is more severe, and the investment of enterprises will be further increased; the price of main raw materials will continue to fluctuate at a high level, and the paint enterprises will bear the profit reduction caused by the cost of raw materials; the shortage of funds will seriously affect the healthy development of enterprises. On the other hand, pressure also brings new opportunities and new impetus to the industry. The requirement of green development will surely prompt paint enterprises to accelerate the transformation of products to green and environment-friendly direction, which will bring new development space and opportunities to enterprises. The process of technological innovation and quality and efficiency enhancement will enable enterprises to win market development opportunities and enhance internal impetus. It is also conducive to the promotion of added value of products and the reasonable return of product prices. Pressure from environmental protection, capital, policy and other aspects will become the bottleneck of enterprise development, and mergers and reorganizations will become the only way for enterprises to develop by leaps and bounds.

    Coatings industry will produce more than 22 million tons of coatings in the coming year, the growth rate may be about 8%, and the output value is expected to reach about 440 billion yuan, the growth rate is about 6%. With the attention paid to the anti-bacterial and anti-mildew of buildings in China, the speed of the anti-bacterial and anti-mildew industry will exceed 13%. The anti-bacterial and anti-mildew coating industry will provide important support for the stable development of the coating industry.

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