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    Yinchuan Airport Downgraded Food and Beverage Prices

    Echemi 2019-10-08


    Since September 15, Yinchuan Hedong International Airport has lowered catering prices in an all-round way. While paying attention to passengers'demands, it has actively improved its service measures and improved its service quality.

    The price adjustment covers 209 kinds of food in 9 categories, including pasta, fast food, covered rice, casseroles, snacks, coffee, milk tea, etc. After the adjustment, the overall catering price of Yinchuan Hedong Airport will fall considerably. Among them, the beef noodle price, which attracts the most attention of passengers, will fall by 54% after adjustment; the average price of covered meals with larger passenger demand will fall by 25%; the price of four staple foods, such as rice and steamed bread, will be in line with Yinchuan urban area; and the price of combined meals will fall by 22% after adjustment. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of passengers to buy all kinds of convenience products, Yinchuan Hedong Airport has also set up a special counter of "same quality and same price in the same city". More than 10 convenience goods such as paper towels, beverages, instant noodles and ham sausages, which are in great demand by passengers, are displayed in the special counter, and the "same quality and same price in the same city" sign is put up in prominent positions. The card is convenient for passengers to buy.


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