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    Are Aloe Vera Rubber Face Tightening Normal

    Echemi 2019-09-26


    Aloe Vera Gel is a skin care product prepared by many families in summer, but when we use Aloe Vera Gel, we also encounter some minor problems. For example, some people feel their faces tighten after rubbing their faces with Aloe Vera gel. Is that normal? Aloe vera gel rubbing face tightening normal. Aloe vera gel quality problems, skin sensitivity, skin wounds, excessive skin water shortage and other reasons may cause tightening or tingling sensation when applying Aloe Vera gel.

    Aloe Vera has good function of replenishing water and repairing skin. If the quality of Aloe Vera gum extracted from Aloe Vera is not good, it contains some alcoholic ingredients or preservatives, it may cause irritation and tingling to skin. When choosing aloe gel products, we should choose products manufactured by regular manufacturers, and pay attention to distinguishing the true from the false. Imperfect cutin barrier can also cause skin sensitivity, skin resistance to the outside world will be very poor, small stimulation will cause skin tingling. In this case, care should be taken to use a variety of skin care products. Drug-based skin care products can gradually regulate the skin and establish a healthy skin barrier.

    If there is a wound in the face skin, do not apply Aloe Vera gel, so as not to stimulate the wound, which is not conducive to the recovery of the wound. Before using skin care products, check whether the skin is in good condition, and then decide whether to avoid the wound or suspend the use. Aloe vera gel has a strong hydrating effect, and if the skin is excessively short of water, the strong hydrating aloe vera gel can easily cause sudden shrinkage of the skin pore and cause tingling sensation. Before using aloe vera gel, use mild moisturizing essence to replenish skin's moisture and relieve skin tension.

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