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    Establishing Energy Efficiency Leader System to Promote Energy Conservation

    Echemi 2019-10-09


    Learned from the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region development and Reform Commission that, in order to enhance the energy saving and consumption reduction initiatives of the whole society, promote the development of energy saving and environmental protection industries, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, the autonomous region will set up an energy efficiency leader system in high energy consuming industries, public institutions and end use energy products, and the units that meet the requirements can apply for the title of energy efficiency leader, so as to establish constraint mechanism and incentive policy.

    According to the introduction, the leader of energy efficiency refers to the product, enterprise or unit with the highest energy efficiency within the comparable range of the same kind. The autonomous region will set up a benchmark, policy incentives and improve standards through the establishment of the energy efficiency leader system, and form a long-term mechanism to promote the continuous improvement of energy efficiency level of high-energy-consuming industries, public institutions and end-use energy products in the region, so as to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction. The list of enterprises producing energy-consuming products with the lowest energy consumption per unit product, the list of public institutions with the highest energy utilization efficiency and the catalogue of end-use energy products are regularly issued in the autonomous region. We should give policy support to energy efficiency leaders and guide enterprises and public institutions to pursue energy efficiency leaders. Timely incorporate the energy efficiency leader index into the mandatory performance efficiency and energy consumption quota standards of autonomous region, improve the dynamic updating mechanism of standards, and continuously improve the access threshold of energy efficiency.

    The full text is as follows:

    Administrative Offices of the League, Municipal People's Government, relevant committees, offices and bureaus of the Autonomous Region, and relevant enterprises (units):

    In order to implement the seven ministries and commissions of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Circular on the Implementation Plan of the Energy Efficiency "Leader" System (Development and Reform of Environmental Capital [2014] 3001), and promote in-depth energy conservation and consumption reduction throughout the region. The government agrees that the implementation plan of the "leader" system of energy efficiency will be issued to you. Please conscientiously organize and implement it.

    Energy conservation and consumption reduction, promoting the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries, and promoting energy and resources conservation and environmental protection. In order to carry out the plan of action for energy saving and emission reduction and low carbon development in the 2014-2015 years (95 of the internal government office [2014]], and the opinions of the people's Government on implementing the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution (internal political development [2013] 126) and the seven ministries of the national development and Reform Commission, the notice on the implementation of the "leader" system for energy efficiency is issued. This plan shall be formulated in accordance with the relevant requirements of environmental capital [2014] 3001.

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