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    Thoracic spinal canal tumors are easily confused with other diseases

    Echemi 2019-10-09


    People first think that there is something wrong with the lungs and heart. Professor Fan Tao, director of the spinal and spinal cord diagnosis and treatment center of the three Bo Brain Hospital, said chest pain and chest tightness may also be caused by thoracic spinal canal tumors. In addition to supporting humans to walk upright, another important function of the human spine is that it constitutes a bony canal, the spinal canal. The spinal cord and nerves contained in the spinal canal act as a "wire network" between the brain and the trunk of the limbs, controlling a series of important functions such as limbs, urine and defecation. In adults, the diameter of the vertebral canal is usually as thick as one index finger. If tumors grow inside and outside the spinal canal, even if they are very small, they may directly compress the spinal cord nerve. Vertebral canal tumors are a common disease, which can cause pain in neck, chest, waist, leg and so on. Therefore, they are easy to be confused with other diseases.

    90% above spinal canal tumors are benign, the proportion of malignant tumors is small, and most of benign spinal canal tumors can be cured by microsurgery. The symptoms caused by thoracic spinal canal tumors are not necessarily manifested only in the chest, but also in abdominal tightening, numbness and weakness of lower limbs, so they are often diagnosed and treated according to chest and lumbar diseases. However, if not correctly diagnosed and treated, it will lead to the development of the disease, resulting in dysfunction or paralysis of the patient's urine and urine, and a few patients will even be fatal due to metastasis. Experts warn that many patients have misunderstandings. They think that they can be diagnosed by CT and X-ray. In fact, the most appropriate examination is nuclear magnetic resonance. For thoracic spinal canal tumors, surgery is the main treatment method at present. Thoracic spinal canal tumors surgery is a difficult operation, which requires high technical level and supporting equipment of doctors. Therefore, once diagnosed, patients must choose a regular hospital for medical treatment.

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