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    Adherence to exercise is associated with planned personality traits

    Echemi 2019-10-09


    A new study in the United States found that individual differences in the personality trait of "planning" can lead to different behaviors in real life. Those who are good at formulating specific plans for achieving long-term goals do better than those who do not plan. In psychology, there are five traits that can cover all aspects of personality description: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness. Among them, conscientiousness, that is, whether a person is diligent, orderly and reliable, has always been considered to be related to healthy behavior. Rita Ludwig, the author of the thesis and the American student of the United States, said that in their research, they first locked up one aspect of the personality characteristics of conscientiousness, namely, planning. The researchers recorded 282 volunteers who went to the gym in 20 weeks in 2018 and collected their fitness records in 2017. The volunteers also submitted their own fitness plans and filled in self-assessment forms for "planned" characteristics. The results showed that the volunteers who scored higher on their "planned" characteristics were more likely to go to the gym than those who scored lower. They went to the gym 5.9 times more in autumn and 8.5 times more in winter.

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