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    Weekly Prices and Analyses for Chemicals (October 8, 2019)

    Echemi 2019-10-09


    1. Vitamin C $2700/MT

    Recently, the price of vitamin C is chaotic, and the feedback price is uneven. The actual factory inventory is tight.

    2. Paracetamol $3.5/KGS

    As the price of upstream raw materials rises, the price of API products increases. We can provide products from Luan and Bofa.

    3. Sodium Benzoate $1050/MT

    Sodium Benzoate: the upstream benzoic acid factory stopped reporting, the price fluctuated greatly, and now the southern factory Wuhan Organic, Jiangsu SF Feng stopped to wait and see the state; only Shandong Tongtai and Tenglong are giving quotation. First, please quote according to Qingdao price.

    4. Potassium Sorbate $4000/MT

    Due to the military parade on October, the raw material crotonaldehyde stopped production, and the market supply is tight. In addition, the factory's cargo scheduling plan is tight. The centralized purchase period of foreign customers will ensure that the goods arrive before Christmas.

    5. EDTA $1800/MT

    Market price is stable, and supply and demand are normal.

    6. Tiamulin Fumarate $33.65/KGS

    After VIV, the producer of tiamulin will soon be restricted by the government, but the market demand for tiamulin is not good, so the price may remain stable.

    7. Erythromycin Thiocyanate $42.8/KGS

    The price is falling.

    8. Sulphadimidine Sodium $13/KGS

    9. Gentamicin Sulfate $116/BOU

    Biochemical Engineering

    1. Sucralose $25/KGS

    2. Xanthan Gum $1850/MT

    The recent price of xanthan gum is relatively stable, but the delivery time of new order from Fufeng is more intense, which will be more than 1 month. The order quantity of August has been reduced, and it is expected that the delivery period may be improved, and the price shall be kept stable later.

    3. Carboxymethyl Cellulose $2320/MT

    At present, the prices of raw wood pulp and refined cotton are relatively stable, and the pressure of environmental protection has led to the shutdown of small factories, but most of the CMC enterprises have reached the standard, and the price is temporarily stable.

    4. Maltodextrin $488/MT

    The price of domestic corn is mostly stable this week. The overall inventory is stable. It was expected that the market would be stable in the short term.

    Food Additives

    1. Taurine $2200/MT

    The price is still at the bottom this week, but production volume at several firms is flucturating so the price could rise at any time.

    2. Aspartame $10450/MT

    Environmental protection is carried out, and the delivery time is relatively long. The price is rising steadily. The peak season requires goods to be arranged in advance.

    Organic Chemistry

    1. EDTA-2Na $1450/MT

    Market price is stable, and supply and demand are normal.

    2. Tetra Sodium Edta $1350/MT

    Product price is stable and supply is normal.

    Chemical Reagents

    Acesulfame Potassium $7700/KGS

    At present, there are still only two production plants in China. The price is relatively stable and due to environmental pressure, the price will increase slightly recently. We still have 10 tons of inventory.

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