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    The price of Shanxi's high-quality main coking coal has been lowered

    Echemi 2020-03-23

    In view of the small decline before the festival and the transportation restrictions during the National Day, some coal mines in the main producing areas are accumulating certain stockpiles in different degrees, and the price of superimposed imported coal is relatively low in recent months, which has an impact on the domestic coking coal market. After the festival, the domestic main coking coal with medium and low sulphur shows a declining pattern in varying degrees. Luliang area, Shanxi Province, the decline of high-quality coking coal is obvious. Affected by the general demand of coking coal market after the festival, the purchase enthusiasm of downstream coking plants is not high, and the low-sulfur and high-quality coking coal prices in Luliang area of Shanxi Province have been lowered one after another by about 50 yuan/ton. After the reduction, the main coking coal S 0.8 in Luliang area contains about 1470 yuan/ton of tax, the main coking coal S 1.1 contains 1250 yuan/ton of tax, the main coking coal S.1.3 contains 1170 yuan/ton of tax, and the main coking coal S.1.3 contains 1170 yuan/ton of tax. Coal S2.0 has a tax of 1050 yuan per ton. Linfen area, Shanxi Province, high-quality coking coal weakly downward. For the same reason, after the festival, the price of high-quality coking coal in Anze area of Linfen, Shanxi Province was reduced by 50 yuan/ton, and the tax of low-sulfur and high-quality main coking coal was reduced by about 1500 yuan/ton.


    At present, a few coke enterprises have not responded to the increase of coke price by 100 yuan/ton steel mills for a long time. After the festival, the inventory of some coke enterprises has risen, and it is considered that it is difficult to raise prices, mainly by active shipment. With the smooth recovery of transportation, some coke enterprises'inventory is at a low level, and the coke inventory of downstream steel plants is declining. There are phenomena of vehicles and other goods in coke enterprises, which are bullish on the future market. Due to the high inventory of Tangshan Steel Works and deliberate control of arrival, as well as the maintenance of surrounding steel plants during National Day, the inventory of coke enterprises in Wuhai area increased significantly.


    Tangshan City issued the Enhanced Management and Control Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control in October, requiring that from October 10 to October 31, the performance evaluation of the iron and steel industry should be more than 50% (including) of sintering, pelletizing equipment, lime kiln and blast furnace shutdown in category C. It should pay attention to the implementation of production restriction in later period, coke purchasing situation and steel price trend. According to another information, on October 10, the Tangshan Municipal Government issued an urgent notice of the restriction of transport. During the period from 20:00 on October 10 to 20:00 on October 11, the port and logistics park in Tangshan area were totally prohibited. Most of them confirmed that they had received the notice and indicated that they would make good arrangements for their work.

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