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    Hubei cultivates "one county, one product" of genuine medicinal materials

    Echemi 2019-11-04


    Recently, Hubei Province issued the implementation plan for the construction of "one county, one product" of genuine Chinese medicine, which determined that the comprehensive varieties of Shennongjia forest area and 10 single products of Chinese medicine in 10 areas such as Qiai in Qichun county were the construction varieties of "one county, one product" of genuine Chinese medicine. Strive to build a "1 + 10" genuine medicine production base and brand with Hubei characteristics and first-class in China within three to five years. According to the plan, the construction of "one county, one product" will be based on superior resources, driven by scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the construction of research and development, production and processing and marketing system of traditional Chinese medicine, cultivate and expand a number of leading and key backbone enterprises of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine products and industrial structure.

    According to the plan, all departments at all levels should improve the standard system, organize the preparation (Revision) of the ecological cultivation and processing standards of "one county, one product" traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen the construction of standardized base, accelerate the construction of "one county, one product" traditional Chinese medicine original and fine seed and seedling centralized breeding base, promote the construction of authentic GAP base of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. National geographic indication protection certification; promote the intensive processing of traditional Chinese medicine, encourage production enterprises to develop the primary processing of "one county, one product" origin of traditional Chinese medicine, standardize the management of collection, sorting, cleaning, peeling, drying and other links; cultivate famous traditional Chinese medicine brands, strive to build Qiai into a national brand, and promote the formation of a number of regional brands and product brands of traditional Chinese medicine; establish and improve the circulation system To establish a modern storage and logistics base for genuine Chinese medicine and a modern logistics system for the whole industrial chain of genuine Chinese medicine seed (breeding), primary processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sales; to strengthen quality supervision, encourage and guide Chinese medicine pieces and Chinese patent medicine production enterprises to gradually use traceable Chinese medicine raw materials; to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, focus on scientific research and organize the development of Chinese medicine industry. The basic and applied research of chemical engineering. In order to promote the implementation of "one county, one product" construction, the plan also made clear that the inter joint meeting of Hubei Provincial Department of traditional Chinese medicine is responsible for overall coordination, and each pilot area should establish corresponding work coordination mechanism.

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