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    Anhui HuaSu calcium carbide plant carried out special inspection

    Echemi 2019-11-08


    In order to learn from the lessons of the fire accident in Handan belt corridor, Anhui HuaSu carbide plant organized a special inspection on accident analogy on the morning of October 25. The accident analogy inspection is led by the leading group of calcium carbide plant, with the active participation of the equipment management department, the safety and environmental protection department, the production technology department, and the safety officers and equipment officers of each production workshop, and the special inspection is carried out for 126 conveyor belts of Anhui HuaSu calcium carbide plant. According to the characteristics of long material belt conveyor line, wide coverage area and large number of belt conveyor line in calcium carbide plant, the leading group of Anhui HuaSu group the inspectors before the inspection, clarify the inspection purpose, and put forward the specific inspection route, key inspection contents and inspection standards, and require the professional personnel of each group to carry out the inspection from the perspective of their own specialty, and prohibit falsification. Make rectification measures for the identified hidden dangers, control the dangerous and harmful factors in the production process, and ensure the safe production. Through analogical investigation, the purpose is to urge all workshops (departments) to learn from the accident lessons and practice the concept of "safety first, prevention first" in practical work, so as to lay a solid foundation for the safety production of Anhui HuaSu calcium carbide plant.

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