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    Akzo Nobel changed the face of Wuhan's old city

    Echemi 2019-11-08


    Recently, the successful conclusion of the 7th World Armyman's games has made Wuhan a world focus. Dulux, a well-known architectural coating brand under Akzo Nobel, is specialized in bringing a new face to the old urban area of Wuhan. In this military games, it will show the world the charm of the old Jiangcheng and its new urban landscape. Duluxpro provides a set of customized solutions and technical support for the exterior facade of the old building area of the military games security line with its environmental protection products and rich experience in the renovation of the old city.

    Akzo Nobel put on a new face for the old city of Wuhan. The total length of the renovation project of the old houses in the East Lake high tech Zone, which is guaranteed by the military games, is 16.4 kilometers, with nearly 600 redevelopment buildings and a total area of nearly 1.8 million square meters. In order to show the vigorous new look of Wuhan to the world in time, duluxpro has spent nearly half a year to reconstruct 14 renovated roads with a total length of 50 kilometers, including 2 key support lines for the military games city. These sections include 7 sports venues, 6 hotels and surrounding buildings, along the Optics Valley square, the largest underground city complex in Asia, and old buildings around several national key units, including Huazhong University of science and technology and Wuhan University of engineering. Many factors such as high temperature and rainy weather in Wuhan, huge and scattered areas to be reconstructed, and urgent construction period add many uncertainties to the implementation of the project.

    Duluxpro draws on the successful construction experience of the old city reconstruction project at home and abroad, and combines it with the field situation in Wuhan to provide the building with a comprehensive product solution with beautiful appearance, long-lasting protection, safety and environmental protection and a customized professional construction scheme in accordance with local conditions. During the implementation of the project, a large number of high-end environmental protection architectural coatings, such as real stone paint, colorful paint, solid color fluorocarbon paint and so on, are used, and more than 40 kinds of color matching schemes are used to carry out the construction in stages to ensure the smooth and high-quality completion of the project. The process of urbanization in China has changed from expansion to upgrading, and how to rejuvenate the old urban areas to match the new urban development has become a new issue for many cities in China. How to effectively update the existing buildings and the comprehensive transformation of old residential areas, so as to improve the city's energy level, quality and vitality, and provide new growth space for many industries, is the focus of attention in the process of urbanization.

    Both urban and residential renewal has become a new demand driven by the global urban development trend, "said Guo Zhenhua, President of Akzo Nobel China and North Asia, and managing director of decorative paint China and North Asia business group." as the world's leading paint and coating enterprise, we have rich old cities in Europe and many countries and cities around the world I'm glad that we can apply these experiences to the urban renovation of Wuhan military games. In the future, Akzo Nobel will continue to be demand-oriented, with more professional services and environmental protection solutions to help create a quality living environment. " Akzo Nobel has left a footprint in the renovation projects of old urban areas in many cities in China. As early as 2002, duluxpro began to participate in the transformation of large old cities in Songjiang District of Shanghai. By the end of 2018, the company has completed the renovation of nearly 3 million square meters and hundreds of old neighborhoods in Songjiang, Shanghai, and solved the real problems for local residents with all-weather protection solutions. In addition, the company also helps Nanjing, Changchun, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou and other cities to complete many old city renovation and transformation projects, including residential, commercial buildings, industrial plants, roads and bridges.

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