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    Four awards for Chinese paint industry

    Echemi 2019-11-08


    Recently, "celebration of the 30th anniversary of Guangdong coating industry association and 2019 Guangdong coating industry development conference" was held in Heping Sheraton Hotel, Jiangmen. Mr. Zeng Jianming, regional sales manager of China paint Guangzhou attended the commendation Conference on behalf of more than 600 people on site. Guangdong coating industry association is a coating industry association established at the end of 1980s, which has a group of senior coating experts and engineering technicians and serves the coating industry of the whole province. The purpose of this conference is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Guangdong coating industry association, comprehensively display the remarkable achievements of Guangdong coating in the past 30 years, and find the source power of "Guangdong coating starts again". This time, Chinese paint once again demonstrated its strength with its brand and won recognition with its strength. It won the honors of "top 30 Guangdong paint enterprises", "30-year growth enterprise of Guangdong paint industry association", its giraffe paint won the honor of "Guangdong excellent architectural paint brand", and its toy brand won the honor of "Guangdong excellent industrial paint brand".

    Giraffe paint brand of China Paint Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is widely used in various fields, such as architectural coating, wood home decoration, furniture coating, automobile surface coating, etc., which can fully meet the needs of various consumers for home decoration and protection. Its related products are highly praised in the water-based coating, furniture coating and automobile repair industries. In recent years, the new giraffe brand has not added children's paint, but also adheres to the concept of environmental protection and health, customized for children, without adding clean taste, safety and environmental protection, with personalized color scheme, to build a real and healthy home space for children, enjoying high popularity and reputation. The brand has won the product honor of "Guangdong name brand" and "China's top ten waterproof coating brands" for many times , China wood coatings brand award, Guangdong (industry) brand products and other titles.

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