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    Dalian city carries out the joint action of rectifying food safety

    Echemi 2019-11-08


    China consumer daily Dalian news reporter recently learned that as of October 20, the market supervision bureau of Dalian City, Liaoning Province has investigated and dealt with 23 cases of fake and inferior food, including food production and operation without permission, use of food additives beyond the scope and limit, addition of non edible substances in food, production and operation of "fake food" and trademark infringement. The Bureau extends the "bright kitchen" from offline to online, and 100 catering enterprises have realized the online bright kitchen on the two delivery platforms of meituan and hungry. Since September, 14 departments, including the Publicity Department of Dalian municipal Party committee, Dalian market supervision bureau, Dalian Public Security Bureau, Dalian Education Bureau and Dalian agricultural and rural Bureau, have formed a joint action working group to carry out joint action on food safety issues in the city. The joint action includes four key tasks: cracking down on illegal activities in food production and operation, resolutely banning "black factories", "black workshops" and "black dens"; carrying out special clean-up and rectification of the health food industry, seriously investigating and punishing the false publicity and illegal sales of health food; solving the non implementation of the main responsibility of food safety and food safety issues in schools and kindergartens; and rectifying agriculture The quality and safety of products, especially the quality and safety of vegetables, eggs, pork and aquatic products, and the addition of banned components of pesticides and veterinary drugs.

    At present, the joint action working group has carried out the investigation of key risks and hidden dangers in shopping malls, supermarkets, fairs, urban and rural areas, around the campus, rural fairs and tourism and holiday consumption areas, service areas along the highway, food fairs and other places. At the same time, supervision and inspection shall be carried out, focusing on inspection of purchase channels, account registration, certificate and ticket, meat and meat products processing and storage, etc. Check and verify all the inspection materials of the pig transport vehicles in the past, and record the pig transport vehicles. The "network management network" is implemented for online ordering, and the unpublished rate of the food operation license of the ordering platform is reduced to 3.17% from 14.5% at the beginning of the year; the "net open kitchen, seal delivery" action is launched to extend the "open kitchen" from offline to online, "meituan" and "hungry" two sales platforms have 100 catering enterprises to realize online open kitchen.

    It is reported that since September, the city has sent 5369 law enforcement personnel to inspect 5557 breeding enterprises, production and operation entities, destroy 0.272 tons of agricultural products in question, and all problems need to be rectified. A total of 1907 batches of 6 categories of edible agricultural products were sampled, involving livestock and poultry meat and by-products, vegetables, aquatic products, fruits, fresh eggs, raw and dried nuts and seeds. 31 batches of unqualified samples were detected, with a qualified rate of 98.37%. In terms of campus food safety, the city has sent 3090 law enforcement personnel, supervised and inspected more than 2730 school canteens and surrounding catering service units, found and rectified 1113 problems, interviewed 277 schools and ordered 175 to correct. In view of the illegal behaviors such as nonstandard label, illegal addition, false illegal advertisement, false propaganda, illegal direct selling and illegal pyramid selling of health food, the rest time such as early morning, evening, holidays, etc. is used to make a secret visit to the hotels, parks, squares and other places that are easy to be used by illegal children for publicity and sales of health food, and to check production in the whole city Two cases have been filed by the public security department.

    This joint action should achieve" five ones ", that is, to destroy a batch of fake and shoddy products, focus on cracking down on" cottage dairy products "," three no "products in rural areas and around campus, fake and shoddy health food, fake and shoddy pesticides and veterinary drugs, and strive to eliminate potential problems; crack down on a number of illegal subjects, strictly check production and operation without license, crack down on" black take out ", and reduce production The number of pig slaughtering enterprises; severely punish a number of illegal criminals to form an effective deterrent; expose a number of typical cases to create a "zero tolerance" social atmosphere for illegal food safety crimes; improve a number of institutional mechanisms to promote the establishment of a long-term mechanism.

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