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    Frequent occurrence of chronic respiratory diseases in autumn and winter

    Echemi 2019-11-08


    The cold air is coming. Many pedestrians on the streets of Xining are "fully armed", and more and more people wear masks. Medical experts pointed out that affected by climate and other factors, the number of people suffering from respiratory diseases and allergies in plateau areas has increased. We should pay attention to chronic respiratory diseases and strive for early detection and treatment.

    Qi Liya, deputy chief physician of respiratory department of Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital, said that the causes of asthma include heredity and allergy, which may be related to frequent exposure to allergens, cold air, physical or chemical stimulation, upper respiratory tract infection and exercise. According to outpatient statistics, 80% of patients with allergic asthma are caused by early allergic rhinitis. The reporter learned that compared with the coastal developed cities, Qinghai is located in the plateau area, and the air quality is better. However, due to the dry climate, the cold air in autumn and winter will cause certain damage to the respiratory system. In addition, all kinds of food and articles have come into people's homes. The vegetation varieties on both sides of the street are increasingly diversified. People are exposed to more and more allergens, and the probability of suffering from respiratory diseases such as rhinitis and pharyngitis is higher. It is known that allergic rhinitis and asthma are still chronic respiratory diseases that can not be cured. Early prevention and whole process management are effective measures to control the disease and reduce the burden of disease.

    In addition, we should smoke less, ventilate more and keep the indoor air moist. Once sick, we should follow the doctor's advice and standard treatment, avoid contact with allergens, drink more water, and enhance the body's immunity through a reasonable diet. " Said Celia.

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