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    Sichuan strengthens the rectification of food safety problems on campus

    Echemi 2019-11-08


    This is what the reporter learned from the provincial joint action news briefing on food safety on October 29. In September this year, in accordance with the overall deployment of the State Administration of market supervision, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and other four ministries and commissions, our province formulated and issued a special program, in which the market supervision, public security, education, agriculture and rural areas and other departments cooperated and linked to take the food safety issue as one of the 14 outstanding problems led by the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China in the remediation of neglecting to infringe the interests of the masses First, carry out special rectification. In this joint action, food safety on campus is taken as an important part to be guaranteed, which has promoted the solution to the problems such as the non implementation of the main responsibility of the school and kindergarten for food safety and the operation of "three no food", "five Mao food" and fake and shoddy food around the campus. Up to now, 8317 potential food safety hazards have been investigated and rectified in the whole province, 5279 batches of food have been sampled, 3761 households have been ordered to rectify, and 128 cases have been filed. It is also one of the key contents of joint action to strengthen the rectification of quality and safety problems of agricultural products. According to the report, the province organized and implemented the rectification and improvement actions for the supervision of quality and safety of agricultural products, and implemented the comprehensive law enforcement capacity improvement projects in 150 counties (cities and districts).

    At the same time, we continued to promote the action of cleaning the veterinary drug market, strengthened the cleaning and rectification of designated pig slaughtering enterprises, strengthened the supervision of the marketing and catering services of edible agricultural products, severely cracked down on the behaviors of manufacturing and selling fake agricultural and veterinary drugs, illegal use of agricultural and veterinary drugs, illegal slaughter, purchase and sale of meat products without quarantine or unqualified quarantine, and strictly prevented the problem products from flowing into the table. Since the joint operation, 314 cases of illegal eating agricultural products have been investigated and dealt with in the whole province, involving more than 2 million yuan, 12 licenses have been revoked, and 10 illegal dens have been destroyed. In the first half of this year, many departments of the province jointly carried out a hundred day action to rectify the chaos in the "health care" market. In the joint action, the province further strengthened measures to seriously investigate and deal with the false publicity and illegal sales of health food, and made new progress: centralized management of labels, labels and instructions for 40 health food manufacturers, and standardized management of 15 health food manufacturers. The production enterprises carried out flight inspection, monitored 15000 health food advertisements, investigated and dealt with 56 suspected health food cases, and transferred them to the judicial organs for handling 4 cases. In addition, the province has also organized and carried out the health food "into the community, into the countryside, into the network, into the campus, into the business super" special science popularization publicity activities, in order to improve the self-defense ability of the masses.

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